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We have an iPod for the boy for bed time.

It has a selection of going to bed music. Recently H added some new music to the list. About 20 songs.

Aiden’s bed time has been coming more swiftly. For example tonight he’s down in under 8 minutes and BEFORE 8 pm. (Honestly, I have no clue what to do with myself.) (Note: 8:05.. he’s back up)

To keep myself sane while sitting with him… I bring my iPhone. Sometimes I log into IM to give H reports on how he’s doing. Tonight I noted a new song on the list. It was an old celtic tune that I knew fairly well from a film.

The IM Conversation went as such:
Me: Where did you find music from “The Wicker Man?”
jnanacandra:It’s not the version from the film. It’s an old celtic tune
Me: I know…but.. NICE!
H: If you listen the words are slightly different
(I had no choice but one response)
Me: I noticed she sang al nflygh chloch mallyf in the third verse instead of nflgh chlach mollffyl. I always thought the film got the declension wrong.
(Pause from H)

Such as “Fiscal Conservative” and “Tax and Spend Liberal”

Click the image for more works by Steve Greenberg.

You can always donate directly to the Barack Obama’s campain through my fundraising page.

The beauty is not in the product.. but this specific formula.

Found in a local grocery store today. Posted this to facebook earlier. Had to bring it here. Sorry for the slightly blurry quality.

Can someone back me on just how WRONG the primary object for sale at this link truly is?

I mean, sure… it’s never gonna get stolen… But… it’s so… It’s so…

Well, wrong.

FIlm Juxtapositioning

So what do you think as a double feature:

Groundhog Day
50 First Dates

hrmn. 🙂