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About once every X months, I get a message from the same loser on Yahoo.

Hey buddy, you ever like to play kinda rough with guys? you ever use any nerveholds? sleepers? “energy” pressurepoints?

The first time in September of 04, I tried to politely communicate that it wasn’t my thing. He kept steering the conversation to violent energy usage. Finally I responded:

Just out of curiosity, is this the only topic you decided to chat me about. I think I’ve tried to let it run it’s course, but we keep coming back to rough play, and harsh use of pressure points? I’ve tried to politely impress on you that I don’t do it and for the most part don’t approve of it from an occult point of view. But this seems to not be to much effect.

He went away. For 9 months. On 3/31/05 I got the exact same message from the same luser.

I responded immediately:
Haven’t we been through this already? You had the wrong guy when you messaged me in July, and 9 months later, I am still straight and don’t play rough with other men. I don’t play with other men.
He responded: Sorry, forgot you!

8/1/05 (only 5 months this time)
Same IM, same message.
I respond:
How many times are we going to go through this until you stop asking me. What mailing list are you going thru to pull my ID? I need to unsubscribe from it. You don’t even change your line. Every 3 months the same thing.
sorry! I;ll put you ignore
Put me on don’t message any more. What list do you keep pulling my name off of? The next time I get your flyby messaging the log will be filed and reported.

So… today… 9/9/05, barely a month… (He must be getting more desperate)
I’d had enough. Captain Aries decided to put on the strangle hold:

Congrats. You’re about to be banned. Please mark this ID down. As I didn’t appreciate this on 7/1/04, 3/31/05, 8/1/05, and today. May I suggest that you log off and not use Yahoo ever again. As it seems as you are not able to not only use it in a mature manner, but can’t even seem to track anyone down to join in your kink and you have to keep recycling the same IDs every x months. By banned, I don’t mean blocked. I mean Yahoo abuse will now be contacted and your acct will be terminated. You have been requested to not message me on 3 previous occassions. 3 strikes. Your gone.

Why yes, I do keep my logs.

Why yes… I did write Yahoo.

Now understand… Each person has a right to whatever kink they have. AS LONG and I repeat in caps with bold AS LONG as it is with a willing and consenting person. Believe it or not, morons of the world. NO, does in fact mean, “NO.”


Tonight I am heading to Strange Vibration a night of drunken kink

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