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Me: And how have you been?

Her: About as usual. Stressy.

Me: *hugs*

Her: It’s a thing.

Me: http://bit.ly/LLi4ds ???

Her: Not that kind of Thing. 🙂

Me: http://bit.ly/MmRZOe ???

Her: …no.

Me: Oh, my bad. http://bit.ly/M4K6yw !!!!

Her: …Yes. 🙂

Messaged a friend this morning: This was the discourse –

Good morning, Starshine. The Earth says, “How ya doin?”

The Earth, as a rule, doesn’t give a damn how I’m doing.

Oh, no it does. It told me. It has about 14 people in the world that it decided to consciously concern itself with and surprisingly you are one of 3 Americans. One is a paraplegic in Wyoming, the other is an intern with Henson’s Creature shop
I pause for a moment
Um, could you forget what I just said. I don’t think I was supposed to tell you that

I love my friends.


How many people do you know who’d just come out with that, spontaneously?

What, besides me?

My point exactly. Not many of us, so I like the ones there are.

On a regular basis, I check in with my wife, “So, are you bored with me?”

I take it she says No.

So far

I then relayed the conversation to my wife and it continued:

Though why would the Earth tell you about these things if you weren’t one of the people it concerns itself with?

Oh, it doesn’t concern itself with me. It assumes I can do fine on my own. Actually sometimes comes to me for advise. Well, sometimes; normally it gets annoyed with me when I accidentally tip the vessel of knowledge when it comes to its personal interests. But, you know how it goes 😉

You give advice to the Earth. And it hasn’t spontaneously sprouted a volcano in Washington DC?

Temporally. What the hell do you think Mt. Saint Hellen’s was. It was the time equivalent of a shot just over the bow.
Oh, wait, you said DC


We’re working on that
I pause for a moment
Um, could you forget what I just told you. I don’t think I was supposed to say that


9:30pm Eastern Time

Him: must be put the boy down time…

Me: Ayup… Or more accurately, boy is just down time

Him: Still not going to sleep at the snap of your fingers? 😉

Me: Nope. Surprisingly not

We’ve tried water, music, potty….

(I pause)

Chloroform gave surprisingly good results; but friends said it wasn’t sustainable without damaging the child

Him: yes, Benadryl is more socially acceptable

He is a colleague from a job that I became very good friends with. He now has a 2 yr old & 6 mo old. This is to give perspective to my nearly 4 year old. Actually the conversation continued:

Me: How old are the kids now?

Him: 2.0833 today and 6 months

Me: LOL. Geek

Him: 6.0137 for (The girl) 🙂

Me: Hang on
(I find a calculator)
Aiden is 3.981

The picture for this post was sent to me after my boy was born by another colleague and friend who had two (young) teenage daughters. At the time (just after my child’s birth) I found ZERO humour in the picture. My boy is 4 now… Picture ain’t bugging me as much as it used to. :-O

I haven’t posted one of these in a while… But this one was fun:

lordandrei: Leaving campus
lordandrei: Hi Aiden
lordandrei: Does mommy know you’re typing to me?
shimmeringjemmy:she does now
lordandrei: heh


Needing desperately to find someone to talk to. Not seeing anyone around to talk to.