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As relayed to me and posted by shimmeringjemmy

The US Supreme Court upheld a ban on later term abortions that do not take into account the health of the mother.

Personally, I see this as yet another step in law creation that is designed to protect the lawmaker over the people.

In the past year I have seen the following rights of the individual taken away:
rights to put money into playing poker online
rights to carry arms on a college campus to defend oneself
rights to have a medical operation than may be necessary to save oneself

It is far more important for the US bipartisan system to make a daily effort to polarize its inhabitants into abject apathy so that the control of government is firmly removed from its citizens hands.

The principle of popular election is a fatal folly; its results are visible in every so-called democracy. The elected man is always the mediocrity; he is the safe man, the sound man, the man who displeases the majority less than any other; and therefore never the genius, the man of progress and illumination. – Liber 194 – 10.

The average american (sic) no longer votes about issues they care about. They vote about polarized words they’ve been taught to take sides on.

Why does government even try to legislate school prayer when the actions of one person’s religious beliefs should be untouchable by government? Why legislate the question of the life of the unborn child when the religious leaders of the world can’t agree on the answer.

A government that has to legislate to protect against the expression of the destruction of its symbolic equivalent is a government that acknowledges that they are failing. Translation without big words: If you have to take away the first amendment rights of free speech to prevent people from burning the flag… you admit that people are losing faith in what the flag symbolizes.

Freedom, independence, liberty refer to an absence of undue restrictions and an opportunity to exercise one’s rights and powers. Freedom emphasizes the opportunity given for the exercise of one’s rights, powers, desires, or the like: freedom of speech or conscience; freedom of movement.

Personally, when the government makes laws that affect what I do with my life… when the government makes laws that turn personal activities criminal… I for one, don’t feel a brimming sensation of freedom.

When it is outlawed, only criminals will profit.

As it’s been posted elsewhere publicly:

Congrats to matertiamat who was appointed yesterday by the Electoral College of the OTO as the newest master of Horizon Oasis.

Many people complain that LJ is “Bad”

It is a place where the average person forgets that there is any form of social procedure and drops anything from personal tragedy to rumour mongering to unsupported character assassination.

But it’s also a place where friends separated by thousands of miles can share the birth of a child. It’s a place where a new job after a year of searching can be happily proclaimed. It’s a place where the answer to your long sought question can be answered.

LJ is a tool. No more and no less. How each person chooses to use that tool separates the man that builds a log cabin from Tobe Hooper.

Today I read a piece of stirring commentary. It is very well written. It has a strong political bias… but the bias is not from rote as so many people suffer it today. This bias is based in the person’s experience. The experience is captivating and justifies the opinion. (At least in my own). It’s a long and at times difficult read… but worth it.

Personally I’m glad for LiveJournal because it affords me links like this one.

Credit to shimmeringjemmy who pointed me there.

In the last 24 hours I accepted a Full time position with Microsoft working on Microsoft Office for the Macintosh.

A long year has come completely to a close. I start July 31st once again continuing my career as a Mac Engineer.

Happiness abounds.

Comments should go to this link if you have access. (The longer post that was ‘friends posted’)

Oh, and one other thing….

I have been receiving anonymous posts. I haven’t posted about it because the first post left me scratching my head as to the author. Today the author identified themselves.
Once I get that communication channel established (I’ve already emailed and left voice mail)… I will have a post about how today’s discovery (the identity of the poster) was just as happy news as the job offer I received yesterday.

So.. yes.. more forthcoming.

okay.. two.. For the special nostalgic nature of today’s news… I’ve put up an old icon of mine I like.

Followup: Job search

I really appreciate your visit and interest in our company. At this point, we are unable to offer you a position, though we appreciate your talent and I will keep your contact info in my Address Book in case we need to contact you for a future project.

I wish you great success in finding your next gig!

I may or may not comment (friends only) about how I’m doing. Right now, I just wanted to update people since everyone has been so supportive.