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I typically get about 6 hrs of sleep per night. And that seems to be okay.

Since getting home its been a bit more. Last night it was about 8 1/2 hrs

On the one side its good. I sleep deeper. I dream more. I have more rest cycle.
One the one side… it’s not so good. I awake very groggy. Not all my dreams were great fun.

Currently I’m on the bus wanting a pillow.

There will be a full weekend report coming. With everything that happened in L.A. as well as everything going on at home… there was a lot to take in.

But big props and thanks to ardras156 maeghanne (and everyone at Hazard house whos LJ’s I don’t have) and especially sesa777 for amazing OTO-style hospitality. Thank you for making my weekend so special and welcomed.

Class Reminder

I will be teaching a class this coming Tuesday (May 27) at Horizon Oasis’ Temple in Capitol Hill, in Seattle.

The class is called “The Theatrical Tools of Ritual Drama

Here is das blurb (Yes, there always has to be a blurb)

In crafting ritual drama we spend painstaking hours studying god forms, mystical correspondences, arcane languages, and symbolic representations. Our tool set must not stop there for that is only half the equation. The use of text, performance, environment, and participation of those assembled all come from an art form that is as old as communication itself; theatre. In this class we will examine the tools of the theatre world and how they can be employed in conjunction with Ritual to raise and complement our magickal work.

This class starts at 7pm (which gives almost everyone time to get there after work… unless of course, you wish to traverse the 520 bridge)

The class is open to ANYONE. You do not need to be OTO, Pagan, Theatrical, …. Breathing is preferred.

No preparation is necessary. Donations to Horizon Oasis are welcome and will not be refused 😉

Those of you in Pittsburgh and Boston, should hop a plane now.

This occurred on March 15th (The ides of March), 1998.

Very busy 4 days ago. I forgot to remark that I have been an initiate of OTO…

For 10 years.


Aum Ha

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I will be bringing the poker set.

You’ve been warned.. and invited. Email me off lj at:

lordandrei (at) livejournal.com

if interested.