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You have a long and varied list of how to contact you and regale us with stories of all the scammers who contact you, but it is difficult to get an actual response from you. Am I doing something wrong?

It’s a fair cop. Things have been a bit uneven of late. And in the old cliche words to all not just the asker, “It’s not you it’s me.”

Typically, I like to get a response out within 24 hours. Actually, I like to have one out within 2-4 hours. So what goes wrong?

For starters… best way to question me is via IM with an emphasis on AIM. I am horrible at phone conversations. But let’s focus on email.

If you don’t get a response from me within 24 hours there are a couple of possibilties.

1) I didn’t think the question necessitated a response. (Sometimes a vastly wrong assumption on my part)
(the writer of this wrote me a day or so back and didn’t know if the mail wanted a response)

2) I thought through a lengthy response and then did not have the time to get it together… (this is often followed by:)

3) I got it in my head that I did respond and actually forgot to.

4) Life got insane (boy, work, etc) and I need to get back to it.

For the Andrei can be a slightly absent minded person and thus IM is the best way to catch him directly in the moment.

Please note…. if you haven’t heard from me… It is VERY UNLIKELY that I did NOT get your email. I no longer trust automated spam filters and have written my own.

So… if You are pending a response from me… after about 6-12 hours if it is time critical… please feel free to ping me. If you send me a ping “Hey, did you get my email”… those I typically will get to as soon as I see them to give a brief overview of why there hasn’t been a delay. (Thus what we call a pong to the ping)

Believe it or not… when checking if someone is online or available… I may just IM them “PING.” Most of these people know to respond with Pong.

So… hopefully this helps not merely the asker but the rest of the readers.

And I’ll also take that to mean that the email wanted a response which will occur right after this post 😀

Many people close to me have learned that IM and specific email accts are the best way to reach me. I have a hate-hate relationship with phone companies. Worse if they are cellular.

My recent cell phone bill was about 4 times the amount it was supposed to be. This sent me on a calling brigade of the company to get it straightened out. I made about calls over a month. During this time since I hadn’t paid the inflated amount they’d billed me, they started shutting off ‘components’ of my service. One phone could now only make calls, one phone could only receive calls. It was nuts.

5 calls gave me 5 different answers. Overall 3 agreed that I should go to a local Carrier branded store and have them help me out.

Yesterday I found myself in said store. After 15 minutes of explaining they found the problem. When I added a second line in October my business data plan (which included unlimited internet) was removed. I didn’t ask for this to be removed. <sarcasm style=”dripping”>I mean, I’m only a software engineer? Why would I ever need unlimited internet</sarcasm>

As a result of this unplanned (and unrequested) plan change, I started getting an addition $75-100 / month in data usage. This from my phone passively checking Outlook.

Then the store rep looked at me and said the worst thing imaginable, “We can’t help with this here. You have to call our ‘customer retention’ office.”

My initial response was, “Breaking straw… Get me my iPhone”.. But now let me explain “Customer Retention”

The CR department is the department of, “Hi, our company is so convoluted, that we f’ed a customer so bad, we’re going to probably lose them. Let’s see how far we can bend at the waist and take it up the a&# for the customer so that they will reconsider.”

Translation: I got a customer service rep who was not only one of the nicest, but probably the most genuine sounding that I’ve ever dealt with. They removed all the charges, removed all fees, overages, and reconnect costs. They fixed the account as I outlined.

So… for now. My cell works correctly. I am less annoyed with cell carrier.

Afterward: How best to reach me.
1) IM: My primary AIM is the best (It’s not hard to figure out the id)
2) Email: My primary mac.com email (ID same as above)
3) Calling me at my office number
4) Text messaging me at my cell

#3 is the best phoning method because if I do not pick up the phone the call will be recorded and mailed to my work acct.

Why is calling Andrei’s cell a bad idea. My office security is high to prevent people from accessing our internal network. As a result, they’ve taken pains to dampen signal for cell phones. I get no signal at the office. Phone calls get shunted to voice mail which on my Carrier has never worked right at all. At home… For some reasons I’m just not close enough to a good tower. Signal quality is horrid.

Pulling into the bus station now. I hope to elabourate on contact methods later in the day. But then again.. when have I ever been good about LJ followups.

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Status and Noto Updates

Got to sleep around 10pm last night. Got up around 6:30.

Granted… these times are now eastern. Which means my body gave out at 7pm and yanked me awake at 3:30 this morning.

We still have heard nothing from the airport concerning our Wardrobe. This has out formal clothes for the Notocon Banquet, my long sleeve ruffly shirts, and most importantly our Poi.

The latter of the which sucks because we were thinking of spinning on the Maine shore this morning.

Maine? Yesterday after getting in, We went to JP to visit with queenofhalves then off to Cambridge to Lunch with motive_nuance back to JP to pick up my travel file. Then off to dinner with shimmeringjemmy‘s Uncle and then off to crash in Maine with tailerouge. Due to scheduling the tattoo work for shimmeringjemmy from deanocturne should occur today.

Today we’re headed back towards Salem for Notocon. Hopefully our missing luggage and the shipped artwork will be there.

This evening is the Open house.

Anyone at Noto looking to reach me can txt my cell. It is again charged and the texting should be working 🙂

If you don’t have my cell: You can send me a text message via the link from my LJ profile. Please remember to include your cell phone # for return text msgs or at least an email you can readily check 🙂

In other news… I have tried the Facebook and found it to be a ‘Good Thing’&trade

My initial reservations were that it required you to be in one of its recognized networks. But this was my misunderstanding of the interface. I am unhappy that region networks are limited to Seattle, Bellevue, and (I think Bothell)… You’d think Redmond and Everett would be listed.

But other than that, I like the extensibility. Lots of things you can do with it beyond the default, and with effort lots of things you can add to it.

So at this point.. I’d like to invite as many readers as possible to go sign onto Face Book. (http://www.facebook.com)

i don’t get any credit for promoting it… But I definitely want to see what the environment is like with more people in my network. (Please note: I am only adding people that I know already. If I’ve met you online only through LJ, that’s OK. People discovering me for the first time in FaceBook… not so much.)

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