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Ehyeh asher ehyeh

Apart from Facebook and Twitter (of which are still somewhat ‘toys’ to me) I have not been online very much the past few weeks, months, etc..

As I like to often quote “Yes” from 90125 (not to be confused with 90210), “I’m going through some changes”

My wonderful partner, spouse, and all around awesome H-like one has one. If you’re not reading The Living Artist, you’re really missing out. LJ Users can quick add a feed from this link which takes you to livingartist. I find myself wanting to write a blog.

The meaty part you’re unlikely to read. 🙂

Why do you like Doctor Who?

Bless you to the person who wrote this.

I was a kid in the 70’s and Early 80’s. Let’s just start there. Cartoons really had gone to complete sh*t by the time we hit 1984. I knew that Warner Brothers cartoons were ‘way old’ and that the 70’s hey day of Bullwinkle and Rocky and other such shows were being replaced by He-Man. And no matter how much we joke. He-Man really was a crap of a cartoon.

So let’s look at science fiction in the 70s and 80s. Star trek was history and all we had was the filmation Star Trek cartoons. A wonderful article posits:
Between groundbreaking classics that were light years ahead of their time (“Star Trek,” “The Twilight Zone,” “The Prisoner”), envelope-pushers that were canceled far short of their creative peak (“Battlestar Galactica,” “V”), and overcooked turkeys that should never have been green-lit in the first place (“Galactica 1980,” “Automan,” “The Starlost”), Phillips and Garcia give each of the successes and the failures their balanced, fun and informative due.

And I remember all of these very clearly. I should point out… Prisoner came out when I was about 5… Way over my head. Similar with Galactica. It was ships. That’s the most I really remembered until I rewatched later. V was historical SF.

So there wasn’t a whole hell of a lot.

And one weekend around the age of 10 or 11 I was watching TV. My friends and I liked “Benny Hill” and “Monty Python” because… well, the Brits were cool. Well, the shows weren’t on. What they did do was run 2 of 4 episodes of Doctor Who. “The Pyramids of Mars”. Fortunately the first 2.

A side note here. You know when you’ve been into a long running show… you catch episodes in syndication. You ever notice it’s like the same 5 stories out of 100 that you always see? For Doctor Who it was “Pyramid of Mars”

So here I was… 11 years old watching this cool guy in a big scarf. Mummies, pyramids, egyptian gods… I hadn’t gotten anything like this since The Shazam and Isis Power Hour or even Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. (The latter of which I loved and I will not take any more SHIT about it)

But this… this was magnificent. Even if the interiors were all shot like TV and the exteriors were all shot like a movie. (Yeah, the 11 year old figured this one out) There was story, there was character… It went somewhere… And after 90 minutes on PBS (back when the single episodes were 45 minutes but part of a story)…..GAH CLIFFHANGER. Backed into the corner… bad guys attacking cliffhanger!

I was going to be back… Then I started looking up where it would be airing. And then were cons. And helping pledge drives. And mom getting a friend to make me a scarf. And buttons. And collecting the novelizations, and fact books. And all the stuff. It was awesome.

But the one thing that is amazing is having a child. You see, you don’t buy stuff for the toddler. You buy stuff to feel your own childhood again. It’s why I bought my favourite books for ‘him’. “Are you my Mother” “Monster at the end of the Book”… I bought 70’s kid shows to share with him.

So then the amazing thing happened. The BBC after 15+ years said.. they were bringing Doctor Who back.

And yeah… I was terrified. This was not just 3 years of my life. This was 12 up to my late 20s. This was well over 10 years of learning a mythos, finding old episodes. I was terrified what they’d do to “MY DOCTOR WHO”

Imagine what would happen if Tim Burton announced that he was doing a Babylon-5 movie without JMS? Um…scary.

All I knew was that the guy that invented “Queer As Folk” was going to be reviving Doctor Who. Not that QAF was a bad show. I’ve seen a few and it’s deep. I saw a few before Doctor Who. So I was terrified.. but admittedly excited.

I was so excited that I grabbed the leaked to the net pilot and burned a DVD with extras and watched it 15 minutes before the show aired in Britain.

And I was THRILLED. The show lived up to the past. It stayed pure to the things I needed to feel. But was deeper. It’d grown up with me. It didn’t show the world thru the eyes of a 12 year old.

But the thing that will now always cement the show with me is two fold. One a fact.. one a spoiler.

We watched episodes with our infant. The first season ended before he was born. We watched on DVD. I remember the day we put on an episode and our child got excited to hear the theme. Many friends have seen Aiden to the “Doctor Who” dance. He loves the theme. I honestly think the show is just noise to him. But the theme. Music that is updated but unchanged from my childhood, connects to my son. And this thought alone really makes me begin to sort of get misty. Because it’s a kind of bond. It makes me foolishly happy.

The second comes from a short Holiday special that American’s are not likely to see until the new season releases on DVD in about 8 months. The show acknowledged in the special and does so in all the extras… that the people working on the show now are there because they loved the show as kids. The current star who plays Doctor Who got into the acting profession because he loved this show and wanted to be the Doctor one day.

It’s a show of wonder and dreams. It’s a show of magic and science.

It’s a show that makes you want to tell your high school friends that your car is your Tardis and the trunk is really bigger on the inside than the outside.

I love the show… I hope this explains why.

It’s not just entertainment. It’s a fundamental building block of who I am as a person.

Normally a meme gets a mood of: amused from me.

I just retook a test and got an answer that made me smile:

Cut due to the graphic

To truly understand Andrei, you have to understand how much 70’s pop TV knowledge is crammed in his head.

shimmeringjemmy walked in the bedroom eating some fruit.

“Peach?” I asked
“Nectarine…” she replied.

I promptly went into a high pitched voice,
“I’ll pick the nectarine and throw it down to you”

She looked at me puzzled.

“I suppose there’s little use trying to explain the Koozbanian Geefle and Gonk.”

I have since attempted to explain.

Gonk: “Let’s call it ‘cooperation.'”
Geefle: “No… let’s call it, ‘Shirley.'”

Note: no images are to be found via google at all. Score!

There is one feature about my mother I don’t talk about often. It’s a trait that annoyed me as a child. She had no respect for people who wouldn’t follow her whims. She would more often than naught treat clerks badly. It was a “spoiled rich” mentality. She would be mean and she would climb the food chain until she got what she demanded.

I don’t like to identify with my mother as mostly everyone who knows me knows.


You do not screw with me or those close to me. Especially those close to me. The difference between me and my mother is that it takes me a lot of consideration before I cross the line into the attack.

When I do find myself crossing this line it is a side of me that I let out in full force. I have no qualms about bringing in the absolute darkest sides of myself and taking down anyone that gets in the way.

To me it becomes war. To me it becomes the challenge of putting what is right back to where it should be.

Is it irrational… I don’t know. I hope not. I know when to walk away from a fight and more often than naught it has been far long after those around me have told me to stop. But in many of the cases that I have been told that I’m taking it too far… I have wound up being correct and winning.

And to me it’s not a question of winning, it’s a question of fighting the fight with everything I have until my perceptions are changed.

The point is for me. The battle is now on. I have a fight that I have been forced into. For better or worse, it is my nature. (Hell 5 signs in Aries including Sun, Ascendant, and Saturn…)

“Never start a fight, but always finish it.”

I am Aries, I am Ares, I am Shiva

I have no patience for systems that are broken and refuse to be fixed.

Edit:2005.06.16: This post was friends only. It is now public. I can’t find a good reason that it should be kept from general consumption.