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bringoutyerdeadWell, as it would turn out; the X-Rays came back positive for mild Pneumonia. That’s the sad thing about this ailment. Once you get it you become a lot more susceptible for it. From what the PA and the Lab tech told me; it’s very minor and very early. So, I’m going to likely be a mess for about another day or two and then the horse-pill antibiotics they called up for me should start to kick in.

These things are monsters. The pills are about 1/2″ by 3/4″ , uncoated, and require a full stomach or they may cause any number of horrendous side-effects. Since taking my noon pill my temperature has been playing “Wheel of Fortune”

So, not a lot of fun. At least tomorrow is Doctor Who day!

imageLooks like that flu from earlier in the month has come back around. So I’m off to the doctor’s this afternoon to assure it’s not a return of Pneumonia. So, while today was a day I was meaning to catch up on work and get my routine more scheduled… Such must wait one day.

The wait for the doctor was close to an hour. My BP (which usually runs a cool 126/70) came in at 100/72. Considering my age and weight those are impressive numbers. I swabbed negative for flu. My lungs didn’t sound like there was a pneumonia. However, with my history and propensity for pneumonia, the PA did call up a chest X-Ray which I will be doing later this morning.¬†He gave me Guaifenesin¬†with Codeine which allowed me to sleep a little better to also relax my cough.

This morning, I’m feeling at about 75%. Still some tightness in my chest. Still a little raw in the throat.

So ramping back up. More soon.