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Kinda strange…

Just tuned in BE Radio which is basically the Blogathon radio station. They are currently playing the remix of the Time Warp.

In another window is an IRC chat for the Blogathon…. And of course are the blogs.

I am reminded of an evening about 10 years ago at Pennsic War. (Now they are on Saturday Night, by the Bay City Rollers which is a real memory trip)

I was playing Doumbek around camps and was invited to a hafla with some friends. We got there and the place was packed. I mean people were 5 deep into the street around the camp site. Someone spotted me and beckoned me around the side.

He said.. drummer.. you come in through here.

Inside was two tents filled with snacks… We’re talking regal catering.

And that was for the drummers. Fruit, chips, drinks, water, seats.

As it turned out.. we were the VIPs. because we played for the dancers and they brought the crowd.

We got wonderful treatment because we were making the thing come together.

Listening to the music being played for the Bloggers in the Blogathon. Watching the chat.

Typing posts. It feels neat.

See you on Sunday 🙂 it’s 11:30.

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I also recommend he following blogathon bloggers:
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Well, if today is any example; Organization is truly at times my bane.

It’s only taken 2 hours for me to get to my followup posting 😉 But then again I am at work.

I am in two different organizations that are at heart very frighteningly similar. The OTO and the SCA. One is philosophical/religious and the other is historical. Both have a wonderfully pervasive way of trying to take over your soul. Or at least all the time in the world that you have.

And now my manager needs my attention. I have the feeling this is going to wind up being catch as catch can until I can get the time to add more 🙂

Please….feel free to discuss.

First Entry

I saw this service surfing from another user’s site. I don’t know if I’ll tell which user at this time. Other readers may already be able to guess. I just wound up poking around to see how someone was doing.

This is my place. Very ego-centric, huh. These comments will be me as I feel with not too many inhibitions.

Today’s comment will be on the following conversation I had:

fiannaharpar –>(11:02:20 AM):What all SCAdian-wise are you doing? The last we talked about this, you were concentrating more on the OTO.
lordandrei –> (11:03:34 AM): I’m trying to do both. This is hard because, “No man serves to masters.” The trick is that I’m trying to be the master and make the activities mine not the other way around.
fiannaharpar –> (11:05:21 AM): Well, you can serve two masters, but you have to figure out *how* you’re going to serve them.
Extra deleted

It is no secret to those close to me, either physically or emotionally, that I have….a way to go. Organization is not my forte and I have let myself get burned and burned out many, many times.

Continued in next posting…

Edit:20061125 – Adding tags making changes. Inserted LJ User IDs for she and me
Added:20061125 – I learned about Livejournal while looking at chite‘s web site. At this point there’d been much history and distance between us. Eventually, the two of us would find mutual interest in discussing episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer through one of the LJ Communities. In reflection it is one of the reasons that I appreciate LJ as a tool with very positive potential.