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I have decided to make a showdown of as many of the women I can find in the Whedon worlds.

For more information check out the full story on my LordAndrei Blog.

A look at the ShowdownI have been playing on the site BuddyTV for a while. They have good reviews of television. One of their features is the Showdown.

Given a list of related pictures, every possible pair is made. Then you pick the better of the two. This can be quite a lot of pair ups. (I’m not doing the math for you)

In tradition as old as Ginger vs. Mary Ann, I have decided to take every character in Whedon’s creations (on TV and skipping the REALLY minor ones), added a few of the real women behind the scenes; and want you to decide… Kaylee vs Willow. Dark Willow vs River Tam. Vi vs Mag… okay… maybe not that last one.

There are 44 women from Whedon’s Worlds. And that makes 945 potential match ups.

Who drops to the bottom of the list? Kendra? Kate Lockley? Which vamp is the uber vamp? Willow, Dru, Darla?

What happens when you have Whiskey, Claire, Fred, and Illyria against each other?

You may need to register for BuddyTV; but it’s free and I’ve received no unwanted Spam as a result of following them.

You can check out their social networking points:
website at http://www.buddytv.com
twitter at twitter://buddytv
facebook at http://www.facebook.com/BuddyTV

Jump on in… And if I missed anyone… Feel free to comment and add them in.

I’m curious if Buffy really is Number 1 in the Whedon Worlds… I think the end result will surprise people.

Cover Art

The soundtrack has been released. Click the image to see it in iTunes 🙂

There has been a promotional image from Dollhouse released.

Once again… I think Joss Whedon shares my particular tastes…

Click for larger image

From Joss:

Is up for Big Damned Sequel. They made the Special Edition because people keep buying the DVDs.

Season 8 – When and if is Oz going to come back? Can’t say when, but it’s not a question of “if.” Will happen

90 minute Ripper for BBC. Everybody in the same frame of mind that it should happen and will happen soon. Been talking with Tony Head.

Joss is getting sick and tired of not entertaining us enough, so he wants to do things, like Ripper, that can be done quickly. Lots of creepy things in the back of his brain that he needs to get out.

Franchising is starting to interfere with storytelling. Should be earned, never sought. Universe happens so fast, builds off of the original idea.

Has he ever been approached to do Heroes? It’s something he wants to do, but not something he has time to do. The problem is he can’t do just a little bit of anything. He has so many things that he needs to say next year, that he just can’t risk the time.

Asked to do Numfar’s Dance of Shame. He loves us, but he’s not going to dance. Audience claps rythmically. No, not going to dance for us, it makes him feel like a monkey.

How does he focus? Some days it’s harder than others. He’s also the father of two children now, and unlike every other child he’s ever met, they’re awesome. Wonder Woman was catyclisman. Doesn’t have ADD or Narcolepsy. Has twelve clipboards on his walls with everything he wants to do. Have to keep deadlines and priorities, but follow the muse, and work on the project that’s calling you right then.

Is working on a short ballet starring Summer Glau. Called “The Serving Girl.” Writing music.

Is doing more with Fray. Not sure he was supposed to say that, but “yes.”