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It’s snowing on the 25th in our neck of the woods.


I suppose I should post one for the holidays that is overly politically correct.

Here’s a video that should be in the collection of most of the people I know:

Dar sings live.

Tis the season…

Last evening the most amazing and incredible s00j posted a holiday video. (Nooooot completely politically correct) The video was of the amazing ventriloquist Jeff Dunham (The man with a jalapeno…on a steek)

So in response.. I offer a flash video by the ficticious Indian boy-band, “Boymongoose

Is it politically correct? Oh.. probably not. Am I going to hell? Oh.. probably not.

To preface, I must admit.. when I accidently stumbled on this video, I kinda blew it off at first. Flash video really has to be good to keep my attention. But when I paid attention to the lyrics I fell deeply into politically incorrect
chuckles. Watch for 6, 8, and up.

Heavens.. I really shouldn’t be laughing at this. But I am 🙂