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Taken from bipolypagangeek of which I am only a minus one.

Keith Olberman speaks on Prop 8

Transcription behind the cut…

From the same Australian Variety show that introduced us to the Kransky Sisters:

The Umbilical Brothers are probably one of the most innovative, comedic duos since Shields and Yarnell, Mummenschanz and probably Blue Man Group.

Now.. there are still no confirmed stories that David Tennant has no intention to leave at the end of series 4, or at the end of the 4 specials.

Statements have been made that he has a commitment to being in the 2009 specials.

But eventually, The Doctor will regenerate. (Because I refuse to see the show go away again)

So… now we start looking for potential actors.

Right now I have two front runners.

The first is Chiwetel Ejiofor
Which everyone on my reader list with the exception of s00j should easily recognize.

But I think my front runner is Alan Davies. Alan is best known in Britain as Jonathan Creek. He’s got a very subdued humour which gives him a very Steven Wright quality. He delivers comedic moments in a manner that I often describe as “Joke Grenades” He also has a very Heath Ledger look about him which I think has that ‘sex hook’ that the Doctor always naturally carries. Despite his subdued nature he has an amazing range.

My only concern is that he looks TOO much like Tom Baker. And it may be viewed as treading backwards on the series.

Judge for yourself:

Please note this post contains spoilers from the 3rd Series Doctor Who Episode, “Human Nature.”

This episode features a computerized video index of rules. During the episode the index is consulted out of order.
For example, we see Martha fast-forward thru the index and stop on rule 4.

The video below is the raw footage in order. It was never meant to be played in order.. or in its entirety. There are places where David Tennant is obviously ad-libbing for filler. None-the-less… wonderful to see this.

Many of you have seen Rob Paravonian’s amazing treatise on Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

This is a very interesting take on the piece.