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Posting at 80mph….

New driver at 3pm. Just passing mile marker 43 as we approach Castle Rock.

What a weekend.

Some other skipped notes. Somewhere along the line between Friday and Sunday.. aiden_freeman had 3 teeth erupt. He’s now eating saltines.

elocinnuala picked up a very hot pair of blue horns.

shimmeringjemmy got a new outfit. Yum.

Missing everyone… And have some interesting interactions coming up when I return 🙂


When playing with the fae in the woods for two days, expect your brain to get scrambled a little.

I wish I had the time to write the entire dream as I remember it.

I remember being at a seminar at a con and trying to catch the spiders that were landing on my buddy’s pillow before he got back to the room. There was a girl in the seminar that saw me doing this. We got distracted from the seminar and started kissing.

She gave me her room number. 2840. I distinctly remember that. As I asked her several times so I wouldn’t forget it. Several times I tried to get there and couldn’t. I also remember that a crime had been committed. The culprit was only identifiable by the cell phone he used. Some strange T-Mobile brand. Later I went to check mine and discovered it was missing. I finally made my way up to the room and it turned out that she was playing me for her family who were guilty of the crime. I was a Mark. She looked like she felt badly for what she did… but I left anyway.

I’d actually forgotten to get the cell phone back (which they needed to steal, much like trading off runaway cars). When I went back, the girl and her sister were on a tv monitor. The girl was talking to me while I was chatting with her father. She was trying to make me feel like everything was normal. There was some sense that she was trying to ‘do something’ so I ignored it. I turned to her father. Out of the corner of my eye I could tell the girl and her sister’s eyes were glowing with colour. I noted to her father (while still not looking at the montor) but loud enough that they could hear… “Which is nice because I know how to shield”

The girls started to argue.

Later I came back by the room again and the window had been blown out. It looked like it was by gun shot. Of course the convention wasn’t in the best neighborhood to begin with. I felt badly for the family and asked if I could help. The father and mother were very receptive. They didn’t seemed incredibly bothered by what had happened. We discussed the fact that I wasn’t able to be brought under the girl’s ability. He went to a book shelf at the side of the room and a series of books came out almost telekinetically at his gesture as if they were connected to each other on a string. The bookshelf began to shimmer and we walked in.

We were now in an ornate pub. His outerwear was much nicer now. His eyebrows looked sharper, I thought he might have what looked like a fang (or fangs) and had a slightly unearthly look to him. He also had a killer ornate earring that manifested.

He explained that he was a spirit of the heart and his daughters were aspects of that and they were hiding / working on the plane. He was surprised that I was drawn to his daughter but as far as they could tell, not by any means they’d used.

His wife hugged me very pasionately. ( I believe it was Sissy Spacek ) We broke into song about how the only way that I could have caught the daughter’s affections (and vice versa) was if it was actually true love.

About then the entertainment showed up. It was a series of older gentlemen from the hotel. Now performing more of a musical number. On closer examination the older men in the back line was the men of Monty Python (without John Cleese)… there was another famous actor in front but I can’t remember who that was.

I found myself sitting on an outside porch with a turntable and a microphone talking about the film and reviewing it. I was a live DJ at a summer festival. I commented how “Bethany —–” was one of the best films I’d ever been a part of and strongly recommended it. The rest of the radio broadcast went along ‘less than smoothly’ but people enjoyed it. Even when I insulted the big guy.

That was about when I woke up.

Please note: I rarely bring this much of a dream to consciousness.