This is the short report. A longer one may occur hopefully sooner than never.

I am sitting exhausted on the couch with my sweetie: faerievixen2

Yes… I put it in the journal.. so there.

shimmeringjemmy is off seeing the new Harry Potter film with… um… everyone else who survived.


Well she and elocinnuala had a birthday party last night at the house. It was… It was big.

I’ve never had that many people show for a party we hosted. And especially since we’ve been doing them in BFN (no one likes traveling to Snohomish). We had people in from Yelm! Waves to the sidhefire

The ATC easily outnumbered the OTO 4 to 1. The bar showed up around 10. We also were treated to guests from gaiaconsort like suddenlynaked and an absolute treat from K and s00j. s00j performed a really new song. (She’d written it that day) and it was an unbelievable experience.

I don’t think anyone left unhappy. Though a few of our folks did try to find solace away from the din. I don’t blame them at all… I know I did.

I think all tolled there were close to 40 people give or take.

And we only got one polite complaint from a neighbor.

So… any stories/comments?