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Please note this post contains spoilers from the 3rd Series Doctor Who Episode, “Human Nature.”

This episode features a computerized video index of rules. During the episode the index is consulted out of order.
For example, we see Martha fast-forward thru the index and stop on rule 4.

The video below is the raw footage in order. It was never meant to be played in order.. or in its entirety. There are places where David Tennant is obviously ad-libbing for filler. None-the-less… wonderful to see this.

From elocinuala I got a pair of cool shot glasses (one with a tiger) and a potable hot drink mug.
From shimmeringjemmy I got a sonic screwdriver pen (with psychic paper) and the 2 Animusic DVDs.
From aiden_freeman I got the flu.

But back to AniMusic (check out their site):

Here’s a sample of their work:

It has been snowing pretty much non-stop all day.

I tried to get some pictures.. but due to lighting they don’t quite convey how lovely it is.

All pictures at this link. (Click the thumbnails for bigger versions)

A sample picture is below the cut…

It’s snowing on the 25th in our neck of the woods.


I suppose I should post one for the holidays that is overly politically correct.

Here’s a video that should be in the collection of most of the people I know:

Dar sings live.