shimmeringjemmy and I (and aiden_freeman will be headed east in early October.

We will be speakers at Crucible: A Gathering of Mages, Pagans, Mystics, and Occultists

The conference is celebrating it’s 5th year. The organizers are some old Nutmeggers for remember that conference with fond memories.

The conference will be held over the weekend of Saturday October 4th with minor social gatherings Friday evening and Sunday morning. The seminars are all day Saturday. The conference takes place in New Jersey. So we are putting the invite out to everyone we know and others that we don’t in the Philly, NY, Boston, and DC areas.

The conference rate and hotel rate are both stunningly low. The staff are a good bunch of folk too.

So, mark your calendars. Check out the site. Come to Crucible.

We will be posting again at later dates.

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