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The problem is not that the media is making the liberals look good. The problem is that the republican commentators are making themselves look very bad.

John Stewart… who doesn’t report the news, only the comedy of errors shows the problem

As always… your contributions help support a good candidate who (at least in my opinion) understands what the average American is going through.

For the second time in about 2 months I’ve had someone come up to me and ask the following question:

“Are you lordandrei?”

I think it’s important to use the LJ user link system here, because the question has not been a question of am I that person, but in fact am I that person on LiveJournal.

I should also stress the phrase above, “come up to me and ask.” This isn’t someone randomly IM’ing me. This is real person to person interaction.

In the case last month the person asked me while I was on shift at our booth at FaerieWorlds. She’d recognized me from my icon and wanted to tell me that she’d voted for me in the LJ representative election.

Today was a coworker in my office building. You’d think I know everyone on my floor. But let’s be honest; I work for “A Large Company (TM)” and the non-full time staff around here along with the people not in my sub group tend to rotate and change a lot.

In general, it’s kind of pleasant to be ‘recognized.’ Granted… the first person who ever met me with the question “Are you lordandrei?” was sabazius_x on the first instance I had the honour of meeting him. This question can thus be daunting when it comes just after two-three weeks of personal drama on your blog site.

I try to not post for an audience, though I’ve been told by several people that they read me out of interest of the material and don’t actually know me or have ever met me. I suppose I’m the same.

I suppose the curiosity is ‘being recognized.’ Again.. it’s a nice feeling. But I don’t want it to seem like that’s going to my head.

I’ve commented with s00j on more than one occasion how much I believe in her as an artist and all the fame I think she deserves with the caveat that I’d hate fame to change what she is and does so well.

The balancing act of bringing the depths of your soul thru creation to others without tainting that creation as you have more people desire to bring it to themselves. It’s not just art or music or writing. I think it applies to anything you put yourself into.

Not much else to say at this point. Just contemplating