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Got a 2005 Prius about 3 years ago. Loved it.

Two months ago while sitting at the end of a line of cars stopped at a red light in a residential neighborhood, my wife got rear-ended by kid going at highway speeds.

Note.. “Loved it”

Settling on a total loss of a Prius was nearly impossible. Our insurance refused to believe that the value of a 3-4 year old car could possibly appreciate rather than depreciate. We turned to the at fault’s insurance. Even they lowballed their first offer, basing it on KBB values from cars in January (8 months ago). (About 60% street)

After finding a car on a local Toyota lot that was not only the same year, but also the same colour with the same milage…. they really couldn’t tell us that a prius was worth what they’d offered.

So tonight… I’m back on Prius chat. And after 2 months of rental hell with 23 MPG driving. My wife and I are back in practically the same car we lost in June.

We bumped up one model… so we now have nav and bluetooth. So 2 months.. and we basically got a refinance and a recently cleaned and upgraded car.

Now, the only thing missing is the tabs for the old plates and…

Oh, yes…

It’s missing a Pittsburgh Steelers’ bumper sticker 🙂

While this isn’t ours.. this is pretty much what it looks like

My huge thanks to faerievixen2 who offered to watch the little guy.

shimmeringjemmy and I obviously don’t get many date nights. One thing we certainly never do is go to the movies.

I stumbled upon a movie that I had no choice but to take her to.

There will be a limited engagement of “Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway.”
This will run in Seattle from Weds Sept 24, thru Sun, Sept 28 (no show on Friday)

The film is the full 2 hour 45 minute show as played on Broadway for one of it’s final performances. Many of the original cast were on hand and appear in the film.

As it’s H who introduced me to this Musical… I can’t help but bringing her to it.

And I am sorry to not tell everyone first. But… Discretion the better part of valour… Getting a sitter with a potentially popular conflict… Yes.. I guess I prove myself a small bit of a bastard.

Babysitter call…

I absolutely have found find myself needing a sitter for aiden_freeman the evening of Thursday,September 25th.

Until I have a babysitter… I really can’t explain why. It would only be for a few hours (but it’s a school work night)… and we’ll be happy to make it worth it the person we can get.

This would be very appreciated.

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Thank you.

Edit: Yes… I meant September. 🙂
Edit: See following post. Resolved.