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But because I think we’re on the verge of the change we’ve needed for not just 8 years, but maybe going back to the Nixon administration:

Vote tomorrow. Everyone. But I think I side with the majority this time.

I don’t care which side of the aisle you’re on for this one…

No, really honestly. I have my choice of candidate… I admit this.

But above all else, I want each person in this country to have the legally granted right to express the same.

Government has tried very hard to tell us who can and can’t vote. Government has tried very hard to tell us who we should vote for. But the decision is up to each and everyone of us. If you’re a staunch democrat and think that McCain and Palin is the path… you need to vote it no matter what your friends have told you. If your republican family and upbringing are completely at odds because your heart and mind tells you Obama and Biden.. then vote that way.

It’s private, it’s confidential… but it’s your decision.

Don’t let another decision leave this country wondering… If we’re polarised, then so be it. If we are a landslide.. so be it.

But do it. Vote. Tomorrow (if you haven’t already taken advantage of early voting) Don’t be fooled… Don’t be misled. Find where your vote goes, go there, be there, see it through.

I think Hollywood got the message right this time: