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I posted a vote banner

I invite people to use it and post it as well.

It’s served off my site so that I can give people an idea about how much it travelled. (Yup.. I track things I post) 🙂

Here it is again… this time with slightly corrected code. (lost a carriage return)

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Help me remind the USA

I really wouldn’t mind having my servers beaten and this popping up on everyone’s LJ.

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Karl Rove has called an Obama Landslide.

Rove (the engineer of the Bush campaign) has called a 338-200 EV Victory for Obama, with the junior senator picking up the votes for PA, VA, OH, FL, and NV. Rove hands the dead heat ties of MO, NC, and ND to McCain.

States that he have a within 4% on the polls add another potential (albeit unlikely) 68 EVs. The 1% or less states: ND, IN, NC, and MO are 40 EVs on their own. 378-160 would approach the routing of Bob Dole by Clinton (379-159).

I never thought I’d say this, but thanks to Karl Rove, I’m going to allow myself to be mildly optimistic tonight.

I’ll be leaving the office at 3. People who wish to join our news night feel free to show up any time after (say) 4:30.

I hope that tomorrow I will replace “Yes we can” with “Yes we did”