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Finally, a sane and vaguely healthy week.

I missed Monday while the last of the weekend rang itself thru my system.

Tuesday I had lunch with the lovely 1_wolfsong. We had some of elocinnuala‘s leftover shepherd’s pie that I’d brought in. Let me tell you. That woman can cook!. After work I was met by the amazing lazuli93 for dinner, chat and drinks. I took her to Redmond’s Marinopolis Sushi Land. Quite fun. They didn’t want to give us a booth, but we were there before the rush, so they acquiesced. Note: The Toreador in Redmond has an AMAZING selection of Tequilas. Granted, I don’t drink tequila. But they did have Mango-Tequila Sorbet. And oh… yum. I just wish I had my stomach back to full strength at that point. Great conversation… I feel much better about stuff I’m working on after a chat with M.

Wednesday was the long awaited date night out with shimmeringjemmy Dinner, Dancing, Entertainment. And all this including the discovery that the place formerly know as ‘the spot’ is actually very relaxed an nice on a Wednesday. We made it thru the evening (even though H was feeling under the weather) And by making it through we did so without a tonne of pangs wondering about how aiden_freeman was doing. We knew he was in good hands.

Thursday… Um… date night. um… number 3 😀
Thursday was a date night out (I’m getting good at dinner) with faerievixen2 We went to a Chinese restaurant at Redmonde Towne Centre. (Yes, had to add pretentious ‘e’s after each word) The Chinese was very good. Though the soup bowls… very small. There was a table there for 28. I counted. 10 chairs to a side and 4 at each end. Biiiig, black, wooden table. Afterwards we headed back to my place and managed to do some long needed catching up. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked into a really awesome debate with ladyaraia about whether or not “Christmas” could really ever be viewed as a primarily secular holiday. My personal stand was/is no. By the time we pulled out of the debate, C had to head home. I owe her at least another 3 dates as a makeup.

Onto Friday. Another lunch with 1_wolfsong. This time we tried Claim Jumpers for lunch. Knowing our schedules this was a time challenge. But the meal was awesome on many levels. I had an Asian Salad that came with crunchy noodles. The dish came out looking like Cthulhu had manifested. As I said… my diet changes have really affected me. I couldn’t eat anywhere near the entire dish. So I packed it up. And went back to the office for a very slow afternoon.

Saturday, started relatively quietly. I managed to cut down a really large pile of useless papers and mail down to an only mildly silly pile. I really need to get onto taxes. I hope they won’t hurt too much this year. Saturday evening was an evening with 1_wolfsong… We’d been threatening to have another extended get together for months and the timing felt right. Dinner turned into a little bit of a FlusterGuck. We realized it was almost 6:30 and we were all starving. H was falling over. So H, a, C, and I went to Outback Steakhouse in North Bothell. 60 minute wait. So we walked to Bonefish Grill and the hostess nigh-haughtily asked if we had a reservation. 30 minute wait. 15 minutes in, and ‘a’ is beginning to melt down. So we went to the nearby Sushi place. (Twice in one week. OOOOH). Let me tell you… if you’re up in North Bothell. The Erin Rolls are to DIE for. I thought the green tea was a bit too heavy, though. Then it was back to the house for more chat and then the watching of “Ghostbusters” which I hadn’t seen in far too long. This was a very good evening.

Today, H, a, and I headed out for brunch and errands. I’ve has some lovely IM’s already today with both 1_wolfsong and faerievixen2. The latter of which returns from her weekend in Portland to help with Notocon planning.

Wow.. what a week.

Pi Day!


Of course one could hazard that we still have 7 years to go until… 3/14/15

Then there are others who might say that 3/14/16 is a more correctly rounded day.

What I really want to know is the one geek in Shakespearian time who was into this.

“Good my Lord, Forsooth, is not the date and time Marche the 14th in this the year of our Lord 1592?
“Roderick you oaf, why must thou quest me thus at 6:53…nay now 6:54 in the morn?”

And Roderick found himself having crap thrown at him and shortly thereafter dying of the black plague.

Next useless time and date on December 24th and 9pm (Eastern standard time)

So, everyone (faerievixen21_wolfsong — others) have been doing the where were you X years ago meme.

I looked at 20 years ago and realized, “#&@*! I’m already out of High School”

So I took it back to 30.

I also tried to put myself in the mindset of where I was.

So… Sherman.. set the WABAC Machine… for the year

That’s right kids… it is Friday the 13th.

Those of you with paraskavedekatriaphobia can stay inside.
(a word that is derived from the concatenation of the Greek words Παρασκευή, δεκατρείς, and φοβία, meaning Friday, thirteen, and phobia respectively; alternative spellings include paraskevodekatriaphobia or paraskevidekatriaphobia)

Lest you believe that Friday the 13th is safe:

Born on Friday the 13th
Fidel Castro
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Mary-Kate and Ashley
and Peter Davison (well, unlucky for you if you were a big Tom Baker fan)

It’s 7:30am… I’ve been up since 4am.. This is all I can come up with.