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Take a look, not merely at the Amazon product for sale, but the combo deals.

PVC Boot, Size 11, White

I’m looking for the all-time list of, “Boy you spent all that time learning…. that?”

Here’s the list I’ve come up with so far.

Phase one is my list. If I’ve missed something please comment.

Also.. some things are not quite as impressive as others. So if something should be dropped… tell me.
the list…

I’ve added a new internal hard-drive to my workstation at home.

The old drive was getting pretty full and I’m pretty sure I need to blank it and run diagnostics on it.

The old drive has two partitions: Babalon and Beast. Babalon is the boot volume

The new drive has three partitions: Tardis, Doctor, and Rose. Tardis is the boot volume.

So I’ve put Leopard into the Tardis Drive. Much to the chagrin of the 5th incarnation.

I commented to shimmeringjemmy that I would now transition all the old files to the new OS.

I said… “The file transfer now begins. Everything from Babalon into the Tardis”

Only in my twisted, geeky, philosophical worlds would I actually try to put everything that comes from Babalon into the Tardis.

And somewhere an author in Boston has just sprayed coffee across the room.

Pi Day!


Of course one could hazard that we still have 7 years to go until… 3/14/15

Then there are others who might say that 3/14/16 is a more correctly rounded day.

What I really want to know is the one geek in Shakespearian time who was into this.

“Good my Lord, Forsooth, is not the date and time Marche the 14th in this the year of our Lord 1592?
“Roderick you oaf, why must thou quest me thus at 6:53…nay now 6:54 in the morn?”

And Roderick found himself having crap thrown at him and shortly thereafter dying of the black plague.

Next useless time and date on December 24th and 9pm (Eastern standard time)

Dungeons and Dragons’ creator Gary Gygax botches saving throw at age 69

Thank you for several years of fun geekdom.

Edit: princekermit beat me to the joke by about an hour.