I think I’ve inadvertently become a fan of Dschinghis Kahn

The group made the rounds on the internet around 2-3 years ago. You may remember “Those scary russian dancing power rangers types” singing about Moscow.

Someone has actually managed to track down the entire performance from the Eurovision Song Contest in 1979 and post it to Youtube.

Two interesting facts… The prominent blonde in the group is named Strobel the bald guy is named Bender. Bender appears about 25 years later in a performance of the song in a live concert with the group, “The Legacy of Dschinghis Kahn” which is basically the equivalent of a sanctioned continuation of the old group with only one or two of the members. (Think: The New Seekers)

The 25 yr link is worth it. They have a Bellagio-esque fire show during the song.

I’d be tempted to get 5 other people together and take this mess to Burning man.