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bringoutyerdeadWell, as it would turn out; the X-Rays came back positive for mild Pneumonia. That’s the sad thing about this ailment. Once you get it you become a lot more susceptible for it. From what the PA and the Lab tech told me; it’s very minor and very early. So, I’m going to likely be a mess for about another day or two and then the horse-pill antibiotics they called up for me should start to kick in.

These things are monsters. The pills are about 1/2″ by 3/4″ , uncoated, and require a full stomach or they may cause any number of horrendous side-effects. Since taking my noon pill my temperature has been playing “Wheel of Fortune”

So, not a lot of fun. At least tomorrow is Doctor Who day!

When it rains it pours

Slice of Life by Gisele http://giseleart.com/

The title of which is ironic because it started to rain today.

I started feeling ill last night. I pushed myself fairly rigorously at work, but I think that only added to the fact that something is going around. Unfortunately, all things told I went to bed earlier than usual and sent in a note to work that I was most likely down for the day.

Unless I am dizzy and falling out of bed or unable to sit up, I tend to prefer to want to work on work even when I’m home on a work day.

At 9am I received two frantic posts from my spouse to get my attention. There were two simultaneous emergencies.

  1. Several warning lights in the car had gone off at once
  2. Our son was having a meltdown over going into school today.

A colleague once told me that your life has to be composed of “God, Family, then Work”

Sometimes family trumps even God. (Granted, I am NOT getting into a debate on liturgy or comparative religions here. I especially am not posting about the nature of the Divine)

I threw on enough clothes to not get me arrested and went to the school.

I must have spent the better part of 2 1/2 hrs doing my absolute best Dr. Spock/Diane Provo imitation I could muster. At times like this you remember that parenthood is one of the scariest experiences in the world. But we think we got him to go thru with the day and likely have our hands full for this evening.

I then followed my spouse to get gas and drive to the local car shop where we dropped off her car.

I got back to the house around 1 and am utterly shredded. It’s now 2:30 and time to wake her to see who (if either or both) are going to pick him up from school.

FWIW: I did some work analysis of a build integration issue that turned out to be a code change by one of the developers.

Is this what they call rest while ill?

hc-questAs 10 minutes have just opened on my schedule and I didn’t get lunch, I’m taking 10 minutes of a philosophical smoke break. Here is my question:

Obviously I am in support of the ACA from what would be viewed as the left side because I believe in universal healthcare. I’m even more of a socialist here as that I don’t believe that healthcare should be a for-profit business but that is a larger issue. We live in a capitalist society where health care is for the most part for-profit. Doctors pay to be educated (at great expense), Medical innovations cost money, blah blah blah.

Many uninsured folks who had held off medical care until begrudgingly (and without insurance) would resort to emergency rooms will now have insurance so they do not have to wait until emergency care is needed. The offered solution there is to go to a PCP who they are now insured to see.

The statistic I am now seeing is that we as a nation have a dearth of PCPs. In general Primary Care doesn’t pay as much as specialization and even doctors are having problems covering medical education costs as PCPs and thus are choosing specialization.

So even though you now have insurance, there aren’t doctors available to take you on as a PCP and you are left still needing to use the emergency room as a first line of medical care.

While the long range fix I see is like the Peace Corps or the GI Bill where if you do service as a PCP in conjunction with being a specialist, the gov’t pays some of your medical education.

So… My questions to my other “labeled leftist friends”:

Are these statistics and observations accurate or merely more ‘Anti-Obamacare’ rhetoric?

Does this actually form the grounds of a problem with the ACA that does require further intelligent investigation and legislation? (Yes, don’t say it… I’m thinking it too)

Does this run the risk of the ACA actually causing problems that even the left can say, “We need to fix this, too”?

Of course this is a deep post and even putting it on FB and Twitter isn’t likely to get anyone to read or respond to it.

I’ve been sitting around the house this weekend lamenting, “It’s not fair.”

My anti-biotic regimen ended Friday. Thursday I attempted to go to work and by 2pm was about to pass out at work. I missed our company picnic that I’ve been looking forwards to for about 2 months.

This weekend I think I’ve spent about as many hours asleep as awake. And the waking hours have been filled with dizzy spells, nausea and low energy moments.

As it stands right now, I have to go back to the treating doctor from the hospital because I’m not really improving as much as we’d hoped. My appetite and energy are on a sine wave. It would seem as long as I don’t exert. I am okay. Of course this makes working nearly impossible which is driving me (and likely my team) nuts.

So tomorrow (Monday) I try to coordinate with my doctor from the hospital to see if we need to get me another CT scan to see if the last regimen worked. I figure it’s somewhere between, new drugs, more rest, or re-admittance to the hospital. Obviously the latter is not my preferred choice.

More as I know more.


I got very sick yesterday at work. My fever peaked at about 101.3. Last night I went to MedExpress in Monroeville and managed to pass out while they were taking my BP. So from there they sent me to a hospital.

At the hospital while trying to draw blood I managed to pass out again and then managed to crash. My temp was at 103.1 (which in my opinion is a radio station, not a human temperature). They moved me to an emergency triage room, drew blood, hydrated me, and gave me an anti-mimetic, morphine, and a whole bunch of other things. At this point my typical 128/72 BP was reading at 84/42.

I was told they were admitting me. Amazingly in 40+ years this is the 2nd time I’ve been admitted to a hospital and even the 1st time shouldn’t count as I was 5 for an outpatient procedure they felt would be better as inpatient due to my age. My BP and temp were worrisome enough, but the blood test showed my white blood cell count was VERY high. They also wanted to run a CT scan. I hadn’t eaten, but they weren’t sure if I might need surgery, so they didn’t permit me to eat or drink.

I got to spend the night in a nice single room in the hospital and around 10am the nurse called a doctor and got permission for me to get food… Starting at lunch. Fortunately Heather showed up and brought my computer and power cables and then ran down to the cafe and got me a banana and a bag of Fritos (The latter of which isn’t sitting as well as I’d hoped)

So… Now I am in the hospital with no real knowledge of release or what the diagnosis is. I’m feeling about 80% as compared to the 10% last night. I’m even trying to do some work to stay on top of things.

I’d welcome visits from friends. I’d ask that you email or IM first. (If you don’t have an email to contact me… ) This is why I’ve been vague on “The hospital.” When you contact me I’ll give the details.

Not doing too badly. Don’t know the details, still.