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chite posted the movie quotes meme. But she did it over on FaceBook.

No really this will be tying into a tosocnet post RSN.

So.. if you want to get First crack at my movie quotes meme —

Check out:



And oh.. there is such a longer post coming….

Quote of the day:

There is a difference between gynocentric and androphobic – tzaddi_93

To think or not to think… What was the question?

While sitting on an IRC channel (No, i’m not going to explain it to the young’ns out there) talking about what Apple might announce today. (Touch iPods, Beatles downloads, etc)… one person hazarded:

Steve Jobs reanimated Lennon and Harrison and got the band back together, they will be performing today

I was amused.

Wonderful quotation

I have often been accused of being a font of useless information. I collect trivia and minutia. More often than not from Media (TV, Film, Music).

The truth is, it is through popular culture that we draw the strongest analogies for representing life.

This being said, I also collect quotations.

And on and on….