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chite posted the movie quotes meme. But she did it over on FaceBook.

No really this will be tying into a tosocnet post RSN.

So.. if you want to get First crack at my movie quotes meme —

Check out:



With Aiden recovering on the couch today we decided tonight would make for a good movie night.

We discovered some film cravings missing from “The Library” which will soon be rectified.

While looking, however, something odd happened. Aiden (being held by H) started pointing at the collection.
“Would you like to pick the movie, tonight?” I asked.

Figuring he’d just connect with whatever DVD H walked to, it was an exercise in amusement.

However… Aiden’s finger zeroed in on a specific DVD. It was obvious he’d picked one. Moreso when as we got closer he reached for the one he was pointing to and pulled it from the shelf. He’d pointed at the same one all the time.

Granted… it was the big pink one that stood out from the black and blue of the other jewel boxes.

So Aiden’s selection tonight: “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

MemeTime: MovieQuotes

With all due credit to tzaddi_93 for bringing this one back for me.

Edit: 7:45 am: – I will note who got each one correct up until I expose the answer. So if you guessed it 2nd but before I exposed it; you’ll get solving props too.

Edit: 7:50 am: – I will expose the correct answer for your first guess. If you guess more than one right… I’ll credit you, but not expose it until either someone else guesses it else enough time elapses that no one else get is. Reason… I have an extremely talented person on my list who got them all. marta_s rocks. So I’m going to list her here in the main post to credit her and this way others can still guess.

Edit 6:36 pm: – All answers are guessed. All comments unscreened
Big props to marta_s for getting them all right reallllly fast
Strong props to apsulute and paulrhume for early mutliple guesses
Great work to exnomine, tzaddi_93, shimmeringjemmy and o1oo1ooo for hitting some good multples as well.


Okay, here’s one going around that I’ll do.

I will list 10 (well, 12) movie quotes. You need to guess the film. (The character is icing, but not necessary)

Comments are screened until guessed, then correct guessers will be edited into the post.
Here be the quotes…

I woke up this morning sick as a dog. Which is odd, because I really haven’t seen many dogs with a head cold.

I am congested all the way down below my toes into Burma.

shimmeringjemmy will be taking over my role as Deacon today.
(grumble, been looking forward to Deaconing for a while)

We watched Idiocracy with (mumbles) Wilson. (I really can’t tell them apart)

Humourous while at the same time… a little painful to watch.

After the movie aiden_freeman grabbed the phone receiver away from me.

He took a few steps and pushed the volume button. It rang.

He put it against his hear and went, “Ah-ooooohhhhhh”

Three cheers for more milestones.

Last night he brought me something I asked for. Communication begins

As others have… I shall sheep… err. vermin.

Go forth.. change me.