I haven’t had any alcohol in a few days. I think I last had it at dinner Thursday.

I woke up fairly congested again. Haven’t really exercised the congestion completely from my system since it started in February. Some days are better… some like this morning.. not so good.

But the interesting thing to post about was remembering good portions of my dreams.

The interesting part can best be described as being along the lines of “Spirited Away”

I was lost in a complex maze of a building (Standard Andrei Dream imagery) It was a very urban building. Very similar to the Crystal Mall in Vancouver. A large box of shopping had gone missing. I went to one of the lower floors and remember twisting a knob sort of like the one at the bottom of a stair way handrail. The bottom floor started to open down like a hidden basement was being exposed.

The hidden basement, however was a beautiful Japanese style countryside with a huge stone castle/building. In the distance I could see a train on a track but it felt like it should be connected to the highway that was just outside the building I’d just been in.

There were a series of priestesses/angels/creatures that I had to interact with to get my treasure returned. One flew down and danced with me. I remember the feel of my hand on her back.

I tend to post about dreams when I have tactile memories. It think I tend to remember those because I’d been told at one time, it’s supposed to be impossible to have actual tactile feedback in a dream-state.

Time passed differently in this world than back in the store where people were waiting for me. A relative (I think my father) came looking for me. By the time I got back, for some reason I was Captain Kirk trying to report on the away mission. I found myself annoyed that I’d been pulled away before I could complete the mission. At the same time, I had a wistful feeling that I wouldn’t be able to get back there.

This was cemented with the requisite roundhouse to the face by a small toddler foot at 6am.

Dreams can be nifty

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