So, Aiden is 20 months old today. That’s 1 2/3 yrs. Wow..

19 months was very difficult. It’s causing a bit of a shakeup in my world and the cleanup is underway.

This month Aiden spent the good portion of a day in daycare. (6 hrs) This was very difficult on me even though I don’t spend that time with him anyway due to work. The upside is that it worked out very well for all concerned. shimmeringjemmy had a day of personal work, recuperation, and gardening. (Oh, happy Cancer)

Aiden is undeniably a toddler. An independent and “WILLFUL” personality has emerged. He is more and more amazingly interactive. Yesterday, when we got home after work I retrieved the garbage pails from the curb while H & a unloaded from the car. About halfway down the driveway I bent down and opened my arms for a hug. Aiden tore into a (toddler) sprint and jumped up into my arms. It was beyond adorable.

The word, “Hi” is his mainstay. I’m pretty sure he knows what it means. Though everything is a greeting to him. Even getting attention. I think he equates it to also mean, “Excuse me.” With “Hi” has also come waving. He definitely has different hand motions for “hi” and “bye”… And whenever we say, “Say ‘bye-bye'” he does is farewell wave.
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