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I have been in Software Engineering Training this week.

This is not teaching me how to code. It teaches me the tools I need to be effective to get to the point where I code.

Working with requirements, proper planning, interacting with test and project managers.

One of the main responsibilities of an engineer is making an estimate. In the ST:TNG episode “Relics” we learn the truth about Scotty and how every estimate he made was always overly padded to always come off like he was a miracle worker.

As an example exercise we were shown a photo of a jelly-bean jar. We were asked to estimate how many were in the jar. The jar front was shaped like a hexagon. The side view was rectangular.

I looked at the screen. I counted the number of beans across and down the front rectangle (discounting the side triangles) I counted the beans along the depth of the jar. I also counted the beans across the with of the side triangle.

I multiplied out and got an estimate of just shy of 3000. People started yelling answers. A couple yelled 3000, some yelled 4,000. I knew it was short of 3000 and I also knew this was just a pointless exercise. But my general character kicked in and I had a smart-ass moment. On the “Price is Right” you always try to undercut the guesses.

I said, “2850”… The room laughed at the detail I put into such a trivial exercise. I was asked to explain. Someone shouted out, “Price is Right” and I agreed that went into it. We discussed the different methods people used to get their numbers.

Afterward the teacher looked up and said… By the way. the correct answer was, “2845”

There was much laughter and applause.

During the break, I asked if I won the Prize winning pig.

This would be far more impressive if I reduced it to some of my filters.

Also, I guess if I went to FoL at OLO.

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and I’m being a normal parent…

I’m staring at the cell phone prepared to try to teleport to my boy’s side in time of need.

I’m wondering if there’s video of the daycare center so I can see if my boy is treated well.

I’m picturing some bully wrestling his lunch money away (though at this age, he can still barely feed himself)

He’s sitting in my mind, waving with a smile on his face that says, “It’s okay daddy.”

And the thought of him actually doing this is making me misty.

Damn I miss my scrotum.

I haven’t had any alcohol in a few days. I think I last had it at dinner Thursday.

I woke up fairly congested again. Haven’t really exercised the congestion completely from my system since it started in February. Some days are better… some like this morning.. not so good.

But the interesting thing to post about was remembering good portions of my dreams.

The interesting part can best be described as being along the lines of “Spirited Away”

I was lost in a complex maze of a building (Standard Andrei Dream imagery) It was a very urban building. Very similar to the Crystal Mall in Vancouver. A large box of shopping had gone missing. I went to one of the lower floors and remember twisting a knob sort of like the one at the bottom of a stair way handrail. The bottom floor started to open down like a hidden basement was being exposed.

The hidden basement, however was a beautiful Japanese style countryside with a huge stone castle/building. In the distance I could see a train on a track but it felt like it should be connected to the highway that was just outside the building I’d just been in.

There were a series of priestesses/angels/creatures that I had to interact with to get my treasure returned. One flew down and danced with me. I remember the feel of my hand on her back.

I tend to post about dreams when I have tactile memories. It think I tend to remember those because I’d been told at one time, it’s supposed to be impossible to have actual tactile feedback in a dream-state.

Time passed differently in this world than back in the store where people were waiting for me. A relative (I think my father) came looking for me. By the time I got back, for some reason I was Captain Kirk trying to report on the away mission. I found myself annoyed that I’d been pulled away before I could complete the mission. At the same time, I had a wistful feeling that I wouldn’t be able to get back there.

This was cemented with the requisite roundhouse to the face by a small toddler foot at 6am.

Dreams can be nifty

I find that unspoken question I have wanted to ask the most over the last three years of some people around me is:

“How stupid do you really think I am?”

But I am for the most part a “Nice” person ™ and therefore.. have not asked this question when it has been so blatantly needed.

The prompt for this post is not really in relation to much of anything going on around me at the moment.

Though, if you feel that you have to ask, “Do you mean me?” It’s probably not you.