• 09:15 Toddler dropped at daycare. Off to Redmond for (theoretically) the last time. #
  • 11:30 Hung with members of the team. Off to lunch with everyone for the few of us. #
  • 16:11 333 is the number of coronzon. It is also the time I departed the MacBU #
  • 16:42 @joykohl huh? #
  • 21:01 @worldmegan that’s it! You ARE coming to our superbowl party! No arguements! #
  • 21:03 No longer have an exchange acce. Turning OFF the 5 minute lockout on my iPhone! Woooooooo (now do I type 22 more o’s?) #
  • 22:00 Did I mention? A nasty cold. Dosed with NyQuil… Figure I should shortby be frallin asreem SSS goo. I FAW dan nai. Grimplgt frntsmongrrdy! #

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