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Morning happy picture

Everyone tends to be a bit slow in the morning. However, there are certain things you see in the morning that really just pull the grouch out of anyone.

This is happy making for me.

Aiden just after 18 months. 080314
Aiden just after 18 months. 080314
Aiden in the morning shortly after waking up and being dressed. Oh the happy!

Click the image for a larger version of the picture.

… when the only thing going through your head is “Simon and Garfunkle” as sung by the B52s

“Hello darkness my old Friend!!!”

ooookay.. one of those mornings.

Just felt the need to share.

I am such an old f*#t

I am not a coffee drinker. I don’t like the smell or the taste. (I am however told, that the latter does not necessarily cause the former)

This being said… I missed the entire $tarbuck$ revolution. I am being edumacated slowly by a very, VERY patient elocinnuala. Yesterday, I learned what a 20 oz Americana with split shots is.

But, still, there are certain games I just can’t play. I like the idea of:
Small, Medium, and Large. I’m even okay with going beyond large and small.
Granted.. if you have an even number of sizes… drop the medium.

But… things like “Venti”… No, I just have a problem using arbitrary language to sound fashionable. I didn’t use “Moi”, I didn’t get into Le Car…

Descriptive adjectives shouldn’t be turned into marketing terms.

After dealing with one truly Perky barista who told me that 20oz was Venti, this morning.. I sat in the car. I said to shimmeringjemmy

No, Venti isn’t a size. Venti is what moves the air-y through the house-y.

Which is amusing and ironic concerning one of the last pearls or writing I read last night. (Yes, I’m reading a book, try not to faint)

Quoth YT in SnowCrash: (Book, Text)
“It’s like, if you — people of a certain age — would make some effort to just stay in touch with sort of basic, modern-day events, then your kids wouldn’t have to take these drastic measures.”

Why, yes.. I am trying to post more often and substantially.

Good morning, Mr. And Mrs. America and all the ships at Sea.

the local time is current 5:52 am as I write this. I went to bed mildle later than I typically do during the week. So instead of naturally waking at 4am I kind of stumbled hrough my snooze bar at 5, 5:09, and 5:18

It is Blogathon day. I will be writing the posts up until about 2 until the half h\our and hitting submit to try to get them online as close to the half hour as I can.

One amusing note… there are pretty much no people I sociallize with locally who will read any of my posts today.

Between the OTO having a campout and OLO hosting Fires of Lughnasadh many of my local readers are away.

So I expect record low comments and record high self involvement..

Edit: You can still sponsor me throughout the blogathon at:
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