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So, the weekend started with me doing a presentation on programming in a new language to my team. My first presentation and about 80% of my team is in there. Lots of people. No pressure 😉

Afterwards we had a Friday celebration for a really cool guy on the team that has now been in our group for 10 years. I spent the bulk of that period discussing Doctor Who and Highlander and explained that Highlander IV was actually a really amazingly good movie.

I get to the car. There is reggae music playing. shimmeringjemmy really doesn’t like Reggae… so… weird.

I get in the car and she looks at me and says, “Sorry I don’t have room to get down on one knee… but, would you like your ex-girlfriend’s ring.” Which she then placed on my finger.

This unto itself requires explanation…. A really cool person I was involved with about 1 year and a half back and I exchanged rings. After we broke up she asked me to keep the ring she gave me. And I wear it daily. I took it in last week for a cleaning to a jeweler we use.

H picked it up today while I was at work. But, in our family sense of humour.. she couldn’t merely hand it over. So, she came up with the contrived sentence above. Which between the reggae, the class, the discussion on Highlander, and everything else… my brain went FWEEEEEEE!

Guess it’s time for a new Doctor Who… At least that’ll make sense. It’s not like unexpected relatives are gonna pop up out of nowhere for the Doctor.

… when the only thing going through your head is “Simon and Garfunkle” as sung by the B52s

“Hello darkness my old Friend!!!”

ooookay.. one of those mornings.

Just felt the need to share.

Back on the first a little after 6pm I received a text message on my phone:

“Hey, off the top of your head do you know what 255 would be in base 8?”

About 15 minutes later the following came in:

“Never mind. Figured it out. 255=377 In base 8/ octal”

So… now the weirdness.

The sending cell number isn’t one I recognize. Not only don’t I recognize it… it comes from a part of the country that I know absolutely no one in. “Florence”, South Carolina.

I quote Florence because prefixes in cell phones are widely inaccurate as to the origin of the owner. Admittedly, some times the area codes are misnomers too.

My cell phone number puts me in Van Nuys, California.

So.. with no signature… I’m left trying to figure out who the hell would text me a number conversion question on Saturday evening who’s phone originated in SC.

Oooh, mystery!

Yes, I know the short form is to just reply… But I don’t necessarily want to identify myself if this is some new spam/phish thing.

Weird dreams

I have a mechanism I use in dreams when I feel ‘threatened.’

I start hitting things. What this means is open handed smacks of walls, furniture, etc. To note if I feel sensation.
Usually that’s enough to help draw me out of the dream.

I had to do this last night. Typical dream.. weirdness. Strange twisty hotel/parking area/etc…

Then there was this guy. I just got a tonne of feelings that said, “You’re not supposed to be here.”

He sort of looked like Mark Gattis as the young Lazarus in Doctor Who.

I started hitting things and eventually thought I’d woken up. I’d really just moved to another part of the dream.

Later he came back. The moment I noticed him, he went from trying to be inconspicuous to coming at me.

There were 2 or 3 bad karate moves between us. I tried to push him away with my mind. That failed. Then he leaned into me like he was going to take a bite out of my stomach.

I mentally pushed him away and he dissolved away like an impressive computer effect. I woke up.

Strange dream. Strange person. Odd because I remember (though it’s fading) the face. And above all else, the distinct feeling of “You don’t belong here.”

Odd. But then again.. I probably shouldn’t watch Torchwood right before bed.

Um… yeah.