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The cuteness it burns

This link may or may not work for an unbelievably cute dose of aiden_freeman

Otherwise the image is bow below the cut.
Picture now added

Just out of curiosity

Here is a picture someone took at Faerieworlds.

It’s a really awesome picture… But I have to ask…

Click the picture link above… then the question below the cut

So, since I’ve been doing the photo journal of health…

After a few days I feel about 80+%.. I’m taking today slowly… but the picture is far less frightening.

How does the sick person look today?

I’ve been told that yesterday’s family portrait may have disturbed some folk.

I figured I’d post a picture that showed us in a healthier light.

Picture and text beyond the cut…

Today shimmeringjemmy made a post that painting is difficult work at 9 months of pregnancy. She went so far to say…

That at 9 months pregnant, an hour of painting makes me feel like a pre-pregnant me just hiked 6 miles. Uphill. In the snow. With a duck on my head.

You, know… you really shouldn’t make comments around me like this.

Click thru for the result…