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What do the following two films have in common:

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Raiders of the Lost Ark

Answer in comments. They are screened.

I have a very specific answer in mind. But will not rule out other correct answers.

Go! 😉

Do you know what a Snowth is?

Thanks to everyone that played:

Now presenting the muppet known as “Mahna Mahna” and his backup singers ‘The Snowth

I don’t remember who I was discussing “Split Enz” with this past weekend.

With the Horizon Temple Dedication, OLO, ATC, and Mass I think I saw about 200 people.

Anyway.. I was discussing Split Enz with someone and the question of the group that Tim Finn was with before Split Enz came up.

Neither I nor the person I was talking to (who I also can’t remember) could come up with it.

In case anyone remembers this conversation with me this weekend.

The group I was thinking of was called: Schnell Fenster:

Except they didn’t pre-date Split Enz, they were the group that formed after Split Enz split up.

Who was talking to about this?

Wookies don’t deserve medals.

No matter how much they help, all they get to do is stand at the ceremony and growl.

A really good meme.

So, I first saw this one from princekermit

I liked it muchly.

I have pulled 5 photos off of google’s image search for 5 of my all time favourite movies. All you have to do is guess what they are. And to truly be a meme, you must then go forth and do this too. But personally… I don’t care about that part.

Now.. I couldn’t make it too easy. In some cases I’ve edited out of the picture some ‘well, that’s damned obvious’ part. I’ve also loaded them to my own server… so looking at the image links won’t help either.

Comments are screened, I’ll post answers the people who guess them as they come in… Over time I’ll post hints if necessary. I love this stuff. 🙂

Have fun:

Let’s see what’s going on in Herman’s Head…