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In the past 12 months, I would say that I have filled out roughly 300 job applications in my field. None have yielded a position.

Looking at job positions today, I felt I should help the younger aspiring engineers by explaining the “HR speak” that they will find in job application requirements in our field.

I suppose I should add that this is satire and that I actually like working in our industry, but I may as well grab the lion by the tail and shake a bit anyways.

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So, despite the driving positive emotions that I will be offered a job Thursday or Friday I still keep my options open and keep pushing my resume out there.

Today I received a note from a recruiter:

My name is name and I am a VP sales, at company. I found your resume on the Internet. You seem to have the necessary qualifications and background for our requirements.

Location- San Francisco CA
Duration- 6 months to one year

We need someone who has a LOT of MICROSOFT WINDOWS development experience. Candidate must have strong experience in C++, COM, WIN32 API, and Windows programming. Additional qualifications such as those listed below are highly desirable.

Experience developing COM/DCOM components is required.
Knowledge/Experience with MAPI and/or WinINet API is highly desirable.
Working knowledge of the Browser Helper Object, COM Plug-In, or Office SDK is a plus.
Working knowledge of the Outlook Object Model, Browser Object Model, or XML DOM is a plus.
Understanding of Windows Registry and Windows File System is desirable.

Please note: The following terms do not exist on my resume anywhere:
MICROSOFT WINDOWS development experience, COM, COM/DCOM,MAPI ,WinINet API, Browser Helper Object, COM Plug-In, Office SDK, Outlook Object Model, Browser Object Model, Windows Registry, Windows File System

What drives me batty is the concept that some VP decided that because I lack 90% of the required experience, I “…seem to have the necessary qualifications and background for our requirements.

Didn’t our industry used to actually have a shred of respect?