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I’ve posted more than once that I was a HUUUUUGE Doctor Who fan growing up.

This weekend in Britain, Elisabeth Sladen returned to the the new series to reprise her role after nearly 25 years.

I know, I know.. I cheated. I’ve been watching the 1st series on Sci-fi with shimmeringjemmy. But I’ve been waiting for this episode since it was announced mid season last year.

Wow… just wow.


Mayhap a bit much:


Roll on the floor, laughing my ass off, bang my head, now bleeding, AAAGH, quick find a bandage

This meme falls into the range of very f*&#in scary

The questions make absolutely no sense at all. They seem to have nothing to do with the topic at all. The answer however came up oddly accurate.


Here’s how it worked for me…

So.. I open my email and I have a mail with Subject:


Which my computer and I translated as: “Even I could do it!”

The message was:

Which is probably obscene. I’m given the impression the O symbol is obscene and I have no idea what Zucone-Bacone means. So it sort of looks like:
After all the woman (something maybe obscene) raw and Zucone-Bacone.

I’m certain my more fluent in Japanese readers can shake their heads at this.

But yes.. it looks like Spam isn’t just for English anymore. So that leaves the question:

English:Nigeria :: Japanese:????

Interview questions abound

Here are the ones I was asked by luna_piena

Answers below the text…