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I don’t care how you feel about the Beatles. I don’t care about how you feel about Juggling.

This man is a God.

The link is to a video with sound. Material is work safe, but you may want headphones.. you need to watch it and listen with Audio.

The drum solo is stunning.

Thank you to anotherjen for this link.

Great more userpicts.

Starting this month are loyalty pics. One user pic for every 3 months you pay for LJ. Permanent accounts get 32 automatically.

Truthfully, I really don’t have that many pictures to denote: emotion, fandom, attitude.

But hey… Mr LiveJournal.. After 5 years can we raise the 150 interest cap? HUH?

I spend 10 min 37 sec not shooting the puppy.

Don’t Shoot the Puppy!

Yes, it is late…

It is just coming up on 1am. I’ve been working on the computer pretty much all day since getting back from the midwife appt.

Let me say.. hearing that heartbeat is real. It’s amazing.

Since then I’ve been working on OTO files. Cleaning up some old documents with out dated information and also working on a project for a potential client.

I’ve started updating afreeman again with the more techy stuff.

Thanks to an ol’ colleague’s kibbitzing, after 4 hours I managed to get the project to work.

I also did a quick 9 person $5+$0.50 this evening. (NLHE) Managed to really do well. Only had one evil suckout and happily it wouldn’t have killed my chip position if I’d lost it. At the end of the tourney… I was the only one sitting at the table. Just me and my $22.50. And as it took 2 hrs…, $8.50 and hour means I’m actually not off to a bad start.

More good news hopefully to follow soon. Rechecking LJ, (not really) flirting a bit more with a really wonderful girl… and off to sleep