Why!? Why do I listen to A.M. talk radio? I’ve come to the conclusion that as a liberal I suck, I’ve gone too damn conservative and as a conservation I suck I’ve got too liberal and personally liberatarians are too hands off and yet I don’t want anyone touching things.

I have so many things that I want to post and talk about if I could only collect my thoughts, If only Mercury wasn’t retrograde making words not work this week.

I am currently listening on A.M. radio to a discussion about whether or not people in married couples hide money from each other to keep their own private slush fund. Whatever happened to being honest in a relationship? Is this something that we’ve lost track of? This drives me nuts and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m fighting calling into the A.M. station today because they basically just talked one woman who is actually communicative in a relationship; into lying to her husband and going off and changing the plan. All I could do is call up and say, “Hi guys! Do you enjoy wrecking relationships that are working?” These are things that bug me, these are things I think about, and oh, Gods I wish that I could find someone or somehow to easily caption, subtitle and transcribe audio posts. That’s all for now. Is that a good take? Great we’ll cut that one out and we’ll post it.

P.S. THANK YOU to ichae for the first transcription. You rock!!!!

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