Working on a slightly longer one… So this one is sort of the on time post and then shortly there after will be the relationship, sex, fetishy post.

I make my own teas. I tend to buy 3-5 teas whenever I go into a tea shop. And there’s now a rule in the house that until they get categorized… no more

I started back when I moved to San Diego. Yes it’s true. I do NOT drink coffee.

I do this alot. I don’t speak Spanish, Don’t like mexican food, and I move to SoCal.
I don’t drink coffee and move near Seattle?!?!

So.. I started in San diego by buying a bunch of Celestial Seasonings.

But they inevitably all tasted the same. So I started ripping apart bags and combining them.

Shortly there after is was buying real teas… It’s been down/up hill ever since.

Now, I have bout 100 teas.. herbals, and some other powders. I also read books on herbal and magickal treatment. And try to make my teas stand up and bark 🙂

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