This filk is called “Go Away Snot Boy” – It is a filk of S. J. Tucker’s amazing “Go Away God Boy”

(Now Public)

Some notes on this filk:

This filk is tied to the version of “Go Away God Boy” as performed on Sirens.
It scans great to that version. It doesn’t do as well to the published lyrics on S.J.’s site.

Two things about the chorus.
1st. There is a note (cough). The performer should actually cough on this beat. (Yeah it’s fast.)
2nd. The third line of the chorus changes each of the three times it’s sung. Insert the changes as noted.

Liberties taken: Just make ‘shambling starspawned’ work as best you can. It’ll fit if you try
Dies should be pronounced in this song as one syllable. Yes I know it is two.. Just deal.

Finally. There is a place where you can entirely freeform. It’s marked with ** with notes at the bottom.

“Go Away Snot Boy” – Lyrics by Dru Freeman with suggestions from Autumn.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa-aho!
Whoa whoa whoa whoa-aho!

My healthy bod did not come here for you to bring disease
You cough and I am your target, so close your damn mouth please
Minding my own wellness til you spread it to my friends
I’ve caught it, time to fix it, Let the medicine come in
Yeah yeah yeah
and now I’m wheezing.

Go away snot boy…. your illness doesn’t work for me
Infected, holy goddess (cough), I was well, but now I sneeze
It’s stuffed inside my bloated head, I think that I’m in hell
Just go away, you vicious bug, why do you have to crush me like a (—)

Thanks for regurgitation, cause I have dosed up twice this day
If I’m gonna weave and wobble, then I will have to rest up ’til May
Who wants to go out dancing, when your running beats you there
Better a shambling starspawned ugly
Dont let the kleenex run out when you

CHORUS (jammed / I feel like I’m in)

Can’t breath or talk I’m choked up on my lungfull of green phlegm
I’ll shake this yet, I’ll wear it down, go to bed and take NyQuil
I’ll strike this at the core of me; this crud I do condemn
Don’t let it make me suffer like I asked for this at all.

I’m wrestling this illness while I pout
but it will not come out
Drain what’s inside my head
Go buy another bag of meds and get me magazines
At least that way I’m occupied and then I might get well
or have a relapse

Go away snot boy, plead dobt bake be ack agaid.
Oh I have caught your cold and now it’s my turn I’ve sudafed
my hanging head is near my ass, all sound is ringing ear
So, Go away snot boy, this gook stops here your not giving to my peers

Punk Solo Break
Dies Irae, day of wrath! Save me from this new black death
Dies Illa, day to morn! Save me with some porn.


CHORUS (packed/my life’s a living)

Go away snot boy…. your illness does a job on me
I’m stuffed inside my sinus with the mucus really messy
my hanging head is near my ass, all sound is ringing ear
Go away snot boy, this gook stops here your not giving to my —
Go away now toxic boy, a bunch of drugs I get to share now with my —
Go away snot boy, this gook stops here your not giving to my peers

** If the performer is insane enough to go beyond mangling S.J. Tucker’s awesome song. The following can be dropped in hard right after the Punk Solo Break. It breaks out of the song entirely but works if you can break do it and break come back directly into the last chorus before the extended chorus.

This works best if you’re performing in a group and can suddenly go into doo wop acapella

Additional: (Filk of Breakdown from My Lovin’ by En Vogue)
“Now it’s time for my breakdown!”
Never gonna get well, *5
Oh my god
Never gonna get well *5
so you..

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