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I like Family Guy… A lot.

But that being said.. the show just went up to another level with their season premier.

A Family Guy retelling of “Star Wars” and they nailed it. And by nailed it, I mean picking on almost every pet peeve that you’ve had about the film. And probably some you never really noticed.

With so many references (I will never be able to look at hyperspace without laughing ever again).. with more real voices than you’d expect.

This was an amazing episode. I will be getting it on DVD when released.


Image behind the cut

Ironic Spam

One of the latest waves of spam has been “Penny Stocks”

These are spams for small companies that are traded on markets. The only problem is that the Markets that you’ve heard of… “Dow Jones, Nasdaq, AMEX, etc” won’t touch them because they are (if you’ll forgive me) small change.

Pretty much any stock trading under $1.50 per share is just too damned volatile to consider.

One of my Penny Stock Spams was for a company that specializes in new technology.

their tech?
…a leader in the fight against email based viruses, spam, and outbound threats of corporate espionage….

Trading at $0.11 per share on August 2 they haven’t actually traded any shares since.

From the Law offices of “Dewey, Cheetham, and Howe”…

The are certain family names that should just avoid certain lines of work. I don’t doubt that these people have the talent to fill the position. I just think that naming their business after their names might be bad.

The example I saw recently:

Machetti’s Hair Stylist.
(And that’s a biiiig blade)

Can anyone come up with other good ones for a list?

New Icon

Played with Photoshop again today. 🙂

New Icon!


I have no idea what I’ll use this one for.

Thanks to the link from rodneyorpheus.


I should point out this link to ebay…. maaaaaaaaay not entirely be work safe 🙂

My only comment on this… Hmmn, tentacles, a place for an optional attachment. Clever, Adorable, and yet… functional.