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Anim-Gif-medFirst day of vacation and I’m taking some time to play with and update my servers at home.
One thing I’ve always wanted to do was make an animated gif of myself.
Nothing too fancy, didn’t have to be pretty. Just a nice hack-my-way-thru kind of thing.

And this is the result.


Comments welcomed.

I couldn’t find what words I wanted to put down.

So instead… Large amounts of jealousy hopefully for my new icon that I made this morning.

Edit: For those that haven’t see the referencing material. See an excerpt on YouTube before it gets pulled down for legal reasons.

This is Meez

This is meez… It’s better than most sites for self customization. For those who know me… how did it come out?

New Icon

Played with Photoshop again today. 🙂

New Icon!


I have no idea what I’ll use this one for.

Perhaps it is my reluctance to appear on camera… (Which really isn’t the case)
There just aren’t a lot of pictures of me.

A recent one has been taken of me during a visit to Portland. I have cropped and adjusted.

So the question is… does this make for a good icon or do I need to keep working on it?

New picture behind cut