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From an IM conversation:

Me: I think it’s only fair to tell you honestly. I think I’m developing a drinking problem

H: *waits for punch line*

Me: I have now missed my mouth, spilled, or choked on liquid for the 4th time in 2 days

H: I love you

Me: Thank you
Me:Thank you for allowing that moment of comedy
Me: I love you

See, she lets me do this. And this makes me happy. 🙂

In lighter news…

I have to press really hard to make this next line work.

It would seem that my laptop’s ‘f‘ key is close to death.

Yup, my keyboard is on the ritz. I think it may be totally ucked.

The letter ades away when I don’t press hard enou (okay that one is admittedly ooling around).

So, it looks like my avourite little computer must go see a ull-time specialist.

Okay, this post is now making me eel razzled.

Rant time…

Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics
And the Catholics hate the Protestants
And the Hindus hate the Moslems
And everybody hates the Jews

-Tom Lehrer – National Brotherhood Week

So… if you have in fact been under a rock during the last week, you missed the act that a Danish newspaper posted some cartoons depicting Mohammed in an unsavoury light.

This was calmly reacted to by the issuance of Jihad number 486/331//L329/9π
Oh and by the way, Moslems will now retaliate with unfavourable cartoons featuring the Holocaust.

Okay, I’m tired of this. I really am. The Hatfield/McCoy entertainment of the Punch and Judy show between the Shalom speakers and the Salaam speakers was one thing. But this is just tired and old now.

No offense, everyone’s god-form gets mocked once in a while. Hell, I will bring the same down upon myself now. I shall now bring the fury of not merely the Egyptians, but the Ancient Egyptians upon me. I now present my mini two pane cartoon on one of their divine.

Why the Ancient Egyptians? Well or me it’s because I believe that I can study god forms and gain enlightenment in working with them, even when seeing them through the eyes of satire and humour. I guess radical fundamentalists can’t see this. No, it’s far easier to destroy the infidels than go about your own life.

It’s far easier to shoot an abortion doctor, punch a republican, beat up a geek, scream that he didn’t make the debatable touchdown, than actually try to see the world through your fellow human’s eyes; just like EVERY one of the old prophets taught. See, once someone disagrees with you; to hell with the teachings of your religion or philosophy.

So, the extremists have taken their stand. Making fun of Mohammed by the Danish is bad. So… What do they do? I know, take it out on the Jews. The human race’s whipping post for 5000 years. (You are G-d’s chosen people. Chosen to get thrown out o this country, chosen to get murdered in this country, chosen to receive the ire of the people who don’t like Danish Newspapers) Yup. We don’t like Danish Newspapers and people making fun of our prophet, let’s go hurt some Jews. This is like the school bully driving 10 miles to the next town to beet up the same geek as last year, even though he’s moved and even though the geek didn’t do anything. A wonderful response to this mentallity is in this (SOON TO BE DEEMED EEEEEVUL) cartoon from

Personally, here’s a plan. Let’s actually try liking each other instead of trying to undermine and destroy those we disagree with.

Yeah… crazy plan.

You know the list just grows: shimmeringjemmy, fiannaharpar, schnookiemuffin (Some of my all time favourite people 🙂

So, here’s the deal.

There is a site for an interactive Johari Personality Mapping Form. The way it works is that you pick 6 words that you think describe you. You then have everyone else enter 6 words how they see you.

To put in your 6 cents worth on Andrei: Go here. Go pick 6 words… 🙂

You can check back later in the day to see what people as a whole think.

I probably will 😉

Muchly to post tomorrow… err later today.

Went out on a date. Saw Brokeback Mountain. And to invite the demons o hell down on my head. It really didn’t work for me. (The movie, not the date). I am a heretic. Brokeback just didn’t really do much for me. (More on that tomorrow)

Got a couple of minutes chat in with the g/f 🙂 Will see her again in 5 days 😀

After that I headed to the Wet Spot. This too will be a much longer post tomorrow when I am conscious. I am not good an nightclubs. Especially on my own when I know almost no one there. I ran into two people who I know a little who really did a wonderul job o trying to introduce me to many of their friends.

I think I was just out o headspace. The music was good. The scenes were nice. Killer version of “They’re coming to take me away, ha ha” by Neuroticfish off of their album “Gelb”

Eventually I went home and fell into bed. All the while noticing my f key isn’t quite as responsive as it usually is.

More tomrorow.

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