I have often posted about probably my all time favourite film. “Escape to Witch Mountain”

Thanks to a link by shadesong it looks like Disney is going to take another poke at the venerable film. Like anyone else who loves a classic film or book… this makes me fidgety in a ‘not so good’ way.

There are so many pieces of this original film that just work so well together. The original preview for the film was pretty much excerpts from the intro with several clips cut in. The music was haunting and riveting. This coupled with the simple images left me (at about the age of 8) contemplating the mystical symbolism of the title, the children running, and of course the animated dogs.

For those that haven’t seen this (and those that just want the nostalgia rush); I attach the opening 3 minutes of the film. This is predominantly the film intro with credits. I suggest headphones or a quiet room.

This is a film that lives in my library and I am MORE than happy to show it to anyone who is curious.

P.S. This one stands alone. The sequel, the remake, the pilot. None have the magic that this film carried.

Final note: This isn’t so much trivia as I don’t know the answer; but I’d be thrilled if someone out there did. The original film is credited to be based on the book of the same name. I, however, remember that there was some legal fluff that the book itself was based (plagiarized) off another story. The title was along the name of, “The People”… It’s about a woman (School teacher?) who comes to a quiet town and discovers a quiet bunch of folks. The interesting characteristic is that everyone in town shuffles their feet. She later discovers this is out of fear that they will fly (from Telekinesis) A town full of people hiding and ashamed of their abilities.

Any info on this story (which was became a made-for-tv movie) would be VERY appreciated.

That’s all for this morning.