I’ve added a new internal hard-drive to my workstation at home.

The old drive was getting pretty full and I’m pretty sure I need to blank it and run diagnostics on it.

The old drive has two partitions: Babalon and Beast. Babalon is the boot volume

The new drive has three partitions: Tardis, Doctor, and Rose. Tardis is the boot volume.

So I’ve put Leopard into the Tardis Drive. Much to the chagrin of the 5th incarnation.

I commented to shimmeringjemmy that I would now transition all the old files to the new OS.

I said… “The file transfer now begins. Everything from Babalon into the Tardis”

Only in my twisted, geeky, philosophical worlds would I actually try to put everything that comes from Babalon into the Tardis.

And somewhere an author in Boston has just sprayed coffee across the room.