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Dungeons and Dragons’ creator Gary Gygax botches saving throw at age 69

Thank you for several years of fun geekdom.

Edit: princekermit beat me to the joke by about an hour.

Aiden at 18 months

Aiden at 18 months
Aiden at 18 months
aiden_freeman discovers the glory of a swing.
Picture… too…cute.
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Edit: Picture by stardragan

Fan Squee! Doctor Who!

According to SciFi’s April schedule:

Fri, April 11: 7:30 pm – The Sarah Jane Adventures Pilot: “Invasion of the Bane”
Fri, April 18: 8:30 pm – Doctor Who Christmas Special: “Voyage of the Damned”

Friday April 25: 8:00 pm Sarah Jane Adventures: Series 1. 2 30 minute episodes
Friday April 25: 9:00 pm Doctor Who: Series 4

And they wonder why I love April so much 😀