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Well, it’s been 6 months since Genetics kicked me in the nuts and made it completely obvious to me that aiden_freeman is undoubtably ‘of my loins’

So, now at 18 months…it’s time to take a look at some of the other genes. I’ve pulled out the old photo of me and this time added in one of shimmeringjemmy

Pictures behind the cut

Back on the first a little after 6pm I received a text message on my phone:

“Hey, off the top of your head do you know what 255 would be in base 8?”

About 15 minutes later the following came in:

“Never mind. Figured it out. 255=377 In base 8/ octal”

So… now the weirdness.

The sending cell number isn’t one I recognize. Not only don’t I recognize it… it comes from a part of the country that I know absolutely no one in. “Florence”, South Carolina.

I quote Florence because prefixes in cell phones are widely inaccurate as to the origin of the owner. Admittedly, some times the area codes are misnomers too.

My cell phone number puts me in Van Nuys, California.

So.. with no signature… I’m left trying to figure out who the hell would text me a number conversion question on Saturday evening who’s phone originated in SC.

Oooh, mystery!

Yes, I know the short form is to just reply… But I don’t necessarily want to identify myself if this is some new spam/phish thing.

MemeTime – Oh, dear

Taken from a post by polanegri

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