I commented that February was the month I suffered the Black Death. Bronchitis, mild Pneumonia, and some other assorted entertaining ailments that continued into my digestive system.

Also over the past year I’ve been discovering a general intolerance to caffeine (on a large scale), corn syrup, and especially aspartame.

My doctor started me on some digestive enzymes. I also have to admit, I’ve pretty much entirely kicked soda. (Moment of bittersweet sorrow)

In January I was less than pleased to discover I’d hit 208 pounds. Probably the heaviest I’ve been ever. I’m now 5’8 (like my grandfather I seem to be shrinking with age)

I know I’ve been taking off a pound or so from being sick and everything else.

Today I was pleased to weigh in at 189.2 pounds. I haven’t been there since just after college.

I’d been saying I wanted to lose 20-25 pounds for about 10 years. Well, 1.2 pounds more and I’ll have made it.

Happy, Healthier Andrei!!!!