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So… Friday is that Friday.

In general, I think I’m going to avoid any kind of Retail outlet as best I can.

And I think you should too.

In celebration of the upcoming Wallet Subjugation month… we’re doing videos.

We showed an episode of Doctor Who a few weeks back and I think it’s time we do that again. There will also be possibly a showing of Sweeney Todd (as it’s been requested)

Who knows… we might even pull out the (Gumball) poker set.

So… Interested?
Drop a line.
Drop a comment.
Drop your pan Oh wait that’s NYE

Great things are afoot.

Validate your dessert here

Thanks to shimmeringjemmy who forwarded me the link (she believes) from Digg.

This is not on facebook, it’s about the nature of the things people use facebook for.

Very interesting research. Article here

And after reading that, I shall go be in the minority and create more trivia questions for obscure television shows.

By the way.. have you run “Compare me?” today?

A radio station tries a publicity stunt to celebrate the holiday

And the fallout: