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While you won’t get updates often… it might be easier to place a tracker on the IM Rules page I maintain.

The latest boneheaded request:
U turn on webcam?

This one at least told me that they read the page.


1:25:00 ok
1:25:03 I read it now
1:25:53 ok
1:26:03 I have read thr4ough it.

The response from me was:
You read very fast.

To which IMdolt wrote back, “Sure”

Saturday, much to the surprise of family, I did not use my laptop for 24 hrs.

In fact, I didn’t use laptop, computer, cell phone, etc.

Personally, I felt I’d been spending too much time locked and loaded in.

Granted, Saturday was an easy day to try this because a good part of the day involved OLO.

Unfortunately, OLO gave way to me getting hit by the cosmic junk currently going around this week. (Less than fun).. To the point of missing princekermit‘s debut as a Deacon in the Mass. (Of which I reallllly wanted to attend)

Today, I’m recovering as best I can. I’m popping cough drops and corporate-pill-box multi-symptom cold tablets.
I am experiementing with another self-discipline test. I have managed to not put on my glasses today.

I have 20-35 vision. Which makes me highly functional, albeit blurred slightly at range. I can’t clearly read my name plate on the door about 15 feet away. However, I can read the spines of the reference books about 2-3 feet away with practically no blurring.

So, why am I doing this.

I have been noticing that I’ve been acting more impulsively of late. I don’t mind being in a schedule or having a rigid daily practice. However, I do mind when I do things automatically without thinking. A good example of this is loosing my glasses when in fact they are in the pocket of my shirt. Another example is forgetting where I’ve put a half drunk can of soda.

I want to have better control of the things I do. Why I do them. When I should and shouldn’t be doing things. And most importantly, keeping track of the things I do. (Yay to ADHD absent mindedness)

So… We’ll see how this little experiment goes.

Translation: Do I ever post on the topic again or is this just the “Distraction du jour”


(Opens brain case and pokes at his own brain)

“No, no. Don’t tug on that. You never know what it’s attached to” – Buckaroo Banzai to Sydney “New Jersey” Zweibel while doing Brain Surgery.